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A complete History of Umar Akmal bans

Umar Akmal; A batting talent wasted

Umar Akmal; A batting talent wasted

The calendar year 2020 did not bring fortunes for Umar Akmal. Pakistan’s terrific batsmen had already a long history of culprits acts and bans on breaching PCB’s code of conducts. As the fifth edition of the Pakistan Super League (PSL 2020) began, the authorities imposed a 3-year ban on Akmal for some reasons a few months later.

Akmal was scheduled to play the first PSL game featuring Quetta Gladiators against Islamabad United. Later, the war between CAS and PCB rose as the national board did not want the ban to cut short. Notably, after Umar filed an appeal, his ban was reduced to 18 months including the time he had spent being banned.

A complete History of Umar Akmal bans

As of now, the CAS has revealed Umar’s eligibility to play Pakistan Cricket once again. The ban has been shortened to 12 months which means it is already completed. But, Akmal would have to pay a heavy fine of over 4 Million.

He will be processed into the rehabilitation process. Soon, his fans will be seeing many hard hits in PSL, domestic cricket, or if preferred, in national squads too.

Here is the history of his bans:

22nd June 2011:

Umar Akmal served with a show-cause notice for violating the code of conduct clause on media interview

5th October 2012:

Umar Akmal fined for ‘offensive’ umpire snub

1st February 2014:

Traffic warden row got him arrested.

27th February 2017:

Arrest warrant issued for Umar Akmal.

9th April 2014:

He argued with the guard after not being allowed to enter the stadium.

16th April 2014:

He dragged himself into hot waters for wedding celebrations.

23rd September 2014:

He was penalized for poor fitness. 

24th January 2015:

He failed the fitness test. Did not even reach 60%

27th March 2015:

Reported by Waqar Younis on misbehave issues

12th November 2015:

Got banned from T20Is after he joined the dancing party.

21st May 2016:

The player complained to Imran Khan about the batting slot.

9th May 2016

Umar Akmal failed to pass fitness test.

13th March 2017

The player failed to pass the fitness test.

17th May 2017:

An ugly spat with Junaid Khan.

16th August 2017:

Umar claimed that Mickey Arthur abused him and dragged himself into hot waters once again.

February 2020:

He asked the coach removing his shirt “Charbi Kahan hai” as he failed the fitness test.

March 2020:

Charged with two breaches of the anti-corruption codes.

April 2020:

Banned from all forms of cricket for 3 years.

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