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Abu Dhabi T10

Abu Dhabi T10 League 2023 Complete Schedule

Abu Dhabi T10 League 2023 Complete Schedule

The forthcoming seventh edition of the Abu Dhabi T10 promises an exciting kickoff on November 28, 2023. The inaugural match will witness the defending champions, Deccan Gladiators, pitted against last season’s runners-up, the New York Strikers.

The Gladiators, having clinched the coveted title in a thrilling final last season, have returned with a robust squad, aiming to maintain their championship reign. On the flip side, the Strikers, who made their tournament debut in the previous edition, are eager to secure a strong start, hoping to capitalize on the momentum they generate.

Joining the Gladiators and Strikers in the competition are six more formidable teams: Northern Warriors, Morrisville Samp Army, Delhi Bulls, Team Abu Dhabi, and Chennai Braves. These teams will vie for the highly sought-after Abu Dhabi T10 trophy throughout the 12-day extravaganza.

The tournament’s schedule features an interesting distribution of home games. Four teams will have the privilege of hosting four home games each, while the remaining four will host three home games. To ensure a fair and competitive playing field, all participating teams will enjoy a three-day break during the league.

As the league stage concludes, the top four teams will secure their passage to the playoffs. The knockout stage, set for December 8, 2023, will witness the top two teams facing off in Qualifier 1, while the third and fourth-placed teams will battle it out in the Eliminator match.

The victors of these games will meet in Qualifier 2 on the same day, setting the stage for the grand finale scheduled for Saturday, December 9, 2023. Excitement and anticipation are building as the teams prepare to contend for the prestigious Abu Dhabi T10 title once more.

Abu Dhabi T10 League 2023 Complete Schedule

Date Matches Time (UAE Time)
28th November New York Strikers vs Deccan Gladiators 18:15
Northern Warriors vs Morrisville Samp Army 20:30
29th November Delhi Bulls vs Deccan Gladiators 16:00
Team Abu Dhabi vs Chennai Braves 18:15
Bangla Tigers vs New York Strikers 20:30
30th November Team Abu Dhabi vs Northern Warriors 16:00
Morrisville Samp Army vs Chennai Braves 18:15
Deccan Gladiators vs Bangla Tigers 20:30
1st December Northern Warriors vs New York Strikers 16:00
Morrisville Samp Army vs Team Abu Dhabi 18:15
Delhi Bulls vs Chennai Braves 20:30
2nd December Deccan Gladiators vs Team Abu Dhabi 16:00
Delhi Bulls vs Bangla Tigers 18:15
Chennai Braves vs Northern Warriors 20:30
3rd December Morrisville Samp Army vs Delhi Bulls 16:00
Northern Warriors vs Bangla Tigers 18:15
Deccan Gladiators vs Chennai Braves 20:30
4th December New York Strikers vs Delhi Bulls 18:15
Bangla Tigers vs Team Abu Dhabi 20:30
5th December Bangla Tigers vs Morrisville Samp Army 16:00
Deccan Gladiators vs Northern Warriors 18:15
New York Strikers vs Team Abu Dhabi 20:30
6th December Chennai Braves vs New York Strikers 16:00
Morrisville Samp Army vs Deccan Gladiators 18:15
Delhi Bulls vs Northern Warriors 20:30
7th December Chennai Braves vs Bangla Tigers 16:00
Team Abu Dhabi vs Delhi Bulls 18:15
New York Strikers vs Morrisville Samp Army 20:30
8th December Qualifier 1 – Team 1 vs Team 2 16:00
Eliminator – Team 3 vs Team 4 18:15
Qualifier 2 – Winner Eliminator vs Runners Up Qualifier 1 20:30
9th December Concert (1800 hrs UAE Time) 18:00
Final (1930 hrs UAE Time) 19:30

Please note that the times mentioned are in UAE Time.

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