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How Pakistan Cricket changed under Ramiz Raja in a year?

Achievements of Ramiz Raja as PCB Chairman

September 2021 saw the appointment of Ramiz Raja as the chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board appointed by the Prime Minister back then, Mr Imran Khan of PTI. Soon, the PTI was dismissed as a result of the no-confidence motion with the PMLN’s Shehbaz Sharif taking over as the new PM.

It was understood that the government, which acts as PCB’s patron-in-chief, will also make massive changes in the apex cricket board. However, after revolving for a month, the rumours were dismissed, with Raja continuing as a chairman smoothly.

After the conclusion of the England tour, the government has decided to relaunch the 2014 PCB’s constitution, as a result of which the PCB’s management committee has been formed which includes none of the participants from Raja and co’s tenure.

Raja’s one-year regime saw multiple positive developments in Pakistan Cricket with his aggressive approach to taking Pakistan Cricket out of slavery. Here are the following measures Raja took within a short span of a year for the betterment of Pakistan Cricket.

Achievements of Ramiz Raja as PCB Chairman

  1. The seventh edition of the Pakistan Super League saw the highest profit margin in seven years of PSL history.
  2. England and New Zealand returned to Pakistan with full-strength squads after withdrawing from their respective tours in 2021.
  3. The year 2022 became prosperous for Pakistan in terms of cricket as three big teams, Australia, England, and New Zealand, marked historical tours within a short course.
  4. The former cricketers witnessed a massive increase in their pensions to earn their bread and butter with dignity.
  5. Ramiz’s service let the PCB improve its relations with several cricket boards, including England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB), Cricket Australia (CA), Cricket South Africa (CSA), New Zealand Cricket (NZC) and others.
  6. As promised soon after his appointment as the chairman, he made PSL-like competitive leagues possible for U-19 cricketers (Pakistan Junior League) and for Women’s cricket (Women’s League). It should be noted that PJL successfully completed its maiden edition, Women’s League 1 will run along with PSL in 2023.
  7. He also launched inter-school cricket championships and player development at the grassroots level.
  8. He kickstarted PCB’s best 100 programs, in which the best 100 U-19 cricketers are picked, and the board supports them financially with 30,000 PKR each, along with working on their skills and personally developing.
  9. During Raja’s tenure, Women’s Cricket has seen a great metamorphosis. Bismah Maroof and co, after a poor campaign in CommonWealth Games, managed to defeat India for the first time whilst encountering Asia Cup 2022 and beat other participants to thrill the watchers.
  10. He made the ‘aggressive approach’ come true, as Pakistan Cricket has enjoyed a great stint from 2021-22. It includes the team qualifying for World Cup 2021 semifinal, Asia Cup 2022 final, and World Cup 2022 final, respectively.

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