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Asia Cup 2023

An analysis: Babar Azam’s ODI stats vs India

Babar Azam's ODI stats vs India

Babar Azam, Pakistan’s cricketing maestro, has etched his name in ODI history since his debut in 2015. With an illustrious career spanning 104 matches, his batting statistics are nothing short of impressive. The elegant run-machine from Pakistan, has emerged as one of the most formidable batsmen in modern cricket.

While his ODI career has been a story of consistent excellence, his performances against arch-rivals India have garnered special attention. As the Asia Cup 2023 approaches and the much-anticipated clash between Pakistan and India on September 2, cricket enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the role that Babar Azam will play in this high-stakes encounter.

Beyond the numbers, it’s the finesse, grace, and the ability to thrive under pressure that define Babar’s approach against India, making every Babar vs. India showdown a captivating spectacle. Let’s delve into the statistics and explore what the future holds for this cricketing sensation in the Asia Cup 2023 clash against India.

Let’s explore the numbers that define his excellence:

Babar Azam’s ODI stats as of 1st September 2023

Babar’s career has seen him amass 5,353 runs, with an exceptional average of 59.47. His highest score, a commanding 158, showcases his ability to anchor an innings. Over the years, he has faced 5,988 deliveries, striking at an impressive rate of 89.39.

What sets him apart are his 19 centuries, signalling his knack for converting starts into big scores, complemented by 28 half-centuries. While he has notched up a few centuries, he’s remarkably consistent, with just four ducks. His boundary count is substantial, with 482 fours and 56 sixes to his name.

Profile vs India

Babar’s encounters with the Indian cricket team have been moments of cricketing brilliance. Examining his ODI stats against India:

In five matches from 2017 to 2019, Babar Azam has showcased his class, amassing 158 runs. His highest score, an impressive 48, signifies his potential to be a match-winner. His average against India stands at 31.60, with a strike rate of 75.96.

Although he hasn’t hit centuries or half-centuries, his ability to build partnerships and contribute consistently remains noteworthy. With 14 fours and one six, he has a penchant for finding the boundary against the arch-rivals.

Innings by Innings List vs India

Babar’s encounters with India in ODIs have witnessed some memorable battles:

  1. June 4, 2017 – Birmingham: In a match where he scored 8 runs, Babar was dismissed, demonstrating his early struggles against the Indian bowling attack.
  2. June 18, 2017 – The Oval: Babar displayed resilience, crafting 46 runs, and noteworthy innings under pressure as he was dismissed caught.
  3. September 19, 2018 – Dubai (DSC): This match saw Babar’s versatile skills as he contributed 47 runs, falling victim to a bowled dismissal.
  4. September 23, 2018 – Dubai (DSC): While his score was just 9 runs, Babar Azam was run out, highlighting the intensity of India-Pakistan clashes.
  5. June 16, 2019 – Manchester: In a remarkable innings, Babar amassed 48 runs, showcasing his potential as a future match-winner, but was bowled out in the end.

What to Expect in Asia Cup 2023 Pakistan vs India Clash?

As cricket enthusiasts eagerly await the Asia Cup 2023 clash between Pakistan and India on September 2, all eyes will be on Babar Azam. His remarkable consistency, ability to build innings, and poise under pressure make him a pivotal figure for Pakistan.

With an impressive track record against India and recent stellar performances, Babar Azam is poised to shine in this high-pressure encounter. His elegant strokeplay and unwavering demeanour at the crease make him a formidable force, and he will undoubtedly play a crucial role in Pakistan’s quest for victory against their arch-rivals.

Cricket aficionados can anticipate a thrilling showdown as Babar Azam steps onto the field, poised to leave his mark on the Asia Cup 2023 clash against India.

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