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Aqib Javed backs Shoaib Malik for T20 World Cup 2022

Aqib Javed backs Shoaib Malik for T20 World Cup 2022

Former Pakistani cricketer Aqib Javed has backed Shoaib Malik’s availability in the national team since he believes he could have added experience to the crew.

Following the close defeats against India and Ireland, respectively, there has been havoc on the the internet lately. Since the fans are not ready to accept the defeats and have their reasons to lash out on various aspects, Aqib has a solution that at least middle-order woes can be solved with Malik’s participation.

Before Pakistan was about to finalize the T20 World Cup 2022 squad, there were speculations that senior cricketers would be named among the finalized players. However, the speculations did not meet reality, and Malik was nowhere to be seen.

He later joined the show on A Sports alongside Fakhar e Alam, Wasim Akram, and Waqar Younis, where they analyzed the games, especially the weak and strong points in Pakistan Cricket.

While talking, Javed narrated that Malik also is the fittest among all in his 40s and has the best game awareness as compared to others. His presence could have won Pakistan the matches against India and Zimbabwe.

“Malik is the fittest among the players and has the best game awareness. If he was in the team, Pakistan could have won the two matches [against India and Zimbabwe],”

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