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Asia Cup 2023: Sri Lanka and Bangladesh Offer Stands with BCCI

Sri Lanka's super showcase sends Bangladesh home

  • Sri Lanka and Bangladesh express readiness to host Asia Cup if it is moved from Pakistan.
  • BCCI refuses to send team to Pakistan and seeks a neutral venue for the tournament.
  • Pakistani team’s participation in ODI World Cup in India at risk due to potential travel restrictions.

The cricket boards of Sri Lanka and Bangladesh have shown support for the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) by agreeing to host this year’s Asia Cup if it is relocated from Pakistan. Recognizing the BCCI’s reluctance to send their team to Pakistan, both Sri Lanka and Bangladesh have expressed their willingness to act as neutral hosts for the tournament.

Sri Lanka and Bangladesh Offer Support as Asia Cup Venue Dilemma Unfolds

In the event that Pakistan decides not to participate in the Asia Cup, the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) is considering the option of replacing them with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) team. This contingency plan aims to ensure the smooth continuation of the tournament despite Pakistan’s potential absence.

Jay Shah, the president of the ACC and secretary of the BCCI, has assured the broadcasters that any financial losses incurred due to Pakistan’s non-participation will be compensated during an upcoming series involving India. This commitment demonstrates the BCCI’s dedication to addressing the concerns surrounding the event’s viability and financial implications.

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Sources indicate that the Indian government, led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has urged the BCCI to maintain a firm stance during the next ACC meeting. This directive reflects the government’s support for a neutral venue and its emphasis on safeguarding the interests of the Indian team and the BCCI.

Furthermore, it is unlikely that the BCCI will accept the hybrid model proposed by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), which would have allowed India to play their matches at a neutral venue. The BCCI’s stance suggests a preference for a complete relocation of the tournament rather than a partial implementation of the proposed model.

In response to the ongoing situation, Najam Sethi, Chairman of the PCB Management Committee, has called for a rational approach to resolve the crisis that poses a threat to both the successful hosting of the Asia Cup and Pakistan’s participation in the ODI World Cup. Sethi expressed concerns over the low likelihood of India’s team traveling to Pakistan for the Asia Cup, which could potentially lead to the Pakistani government restricting the team’s participation in the World Cup matches held in India.

Sethi emphasized the need to find a middle ground to address the challenges that may jeopardize the smooth organization of ICC and ACC events. The delicate situation requires careful navigation to avoid cricket becoming the ultimate casualty, and collaborative efforts are essential to find a resolution that benefits all parties involved.

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