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Babar Azam is not dangerous in T20s, claims Usman Shinwari

Babar Azam is not dangerous in T20s, claims Usman Shinwari

Usman Shinwari, the Pakistan fast bowler, shared his perspective on Babar Azam’s gameplay in T20s, emphasizing that the 28-year-old batsman’s strength lies in playing conventional shots within the shorter format. Shinwari, a self-confessed fan of Azam, also acclaimed him as the most formidable batter in the world for Tests and ODIs.

In a podcast, Shinwari spoke candidly about his admiration for Azam, asserting, “My favorite player is Babar Azam, without a doubt. However, I think that Babar is extremely dangerous in ODIs and Tests.”

Usman Shinwari doesn’t find Babar as threat in T20s

Analyzing Azam’s approach to T20 cricket, Shinwari pointed out that the batsman’s reliance on traditional shots makes him less of a threat in the format. He explained, “In T20s, I won’t feel much pressure against him because he relies on conventional shots, and as a bowler, you don’t expect Babar to slog sweep a good length delivery or play an unorthodox shot out of nowhere for a six.”

Shinwari elaborated that this characteristic diminishes the challenge he feels while bowling to Azam in T20s. However, he was quick to underline that his respect and regard for Azam’s batting prowess remain unwavering in Tests and ODIs.

Regarding his own cricketing journey, Shinwari’s last T20 appearance for Pakistan dates back to 2019 against Sri Lanka. Since then, he hasn’t been in contention for the national team. Throughout his international career from 2013 to 2019, he participated in 34 matches, securing a total of 48 wickets.

In a notable decision in 2021, Shinwari opted to retire from Test cricket, having featured in only one Test match against Sri Lanka in 2019. This move allowed him to channel his focus more pointedly towards limited-overs formats, and his insights on Azam’s gameplay mirror a cricketer’s astute observations shaped by years of experience on the pitch.

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