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Babar Azam’s Journey to 100 ODIs

Babar Azam's Journey to 100 ODIs

Pakistan’s captain, Babar Azam, will achieve a significant milestone as he plays his 100th One Day International (ODI) match during the ongoing series against New Zealand. As Babar reaches this momentous occasion, he takes a moment to reflect on his journey, sacrifices, and the achievements attained under his leadership.

Journey of Dedication and Hard Work:

Eight years ago, in Lahore, Babar made his ODI debut against Zimbabwe, marking the beginning of a remarkable cricketing journey. Recalling the moment, Babar expresses his emotions, saying, “It was a different feeling altogether. There was speculation about my selection, but when I received the call, there was immense excitement. Sitting with my family, I realized the joy it brought them. It reminded me of the days when I used to come to the Gaddafi Stadium as a ball picker and later worked as a net bowler during Inzamam-ul-Haq’s final Test match against South Africa.”

Overcoming Obstacles and Setting Goals:

Babar’s ascent to cricketing stardom faced initial setbacks when he was not selected for the national academy after his first season as an U15 regional player due to subpar performances. Undeterred, he set ambitious goals for himself, determined to prove his worth. “After not being selected for the national academy, I started setting goals. My first goal was to be a part of it, and for that, I worked tirelessly day and night. I would leave my house at 11 am and train until sunset,” reveals Babar.

Reaching the Pinnacle of Success:

Babar Azam’s dedication and talent have catapulted him to become one of the world’s most successful batsmen. Since April 2, 2022, he has held the prestigious title of the number one ODI batter in the ICC Rankings. Reflecting on his journey, Babar shares the sacrifices he made to reach this pinnacle of international cricket.

During his cricketing journey, Babar encountered personal losses and faced challenging situations. “I shared a close bond with my paternal uncle, who used to take care of my bats and repair them for me. Sadly, he passed away while I was on a tour with the Pakistan U19 team in South Africa. Additionally, I lost my paternal grandmother while playing a match in Islamabad, and I couldn’t attend the final rituals due to transportation difficulties,” recalls Babar, revealing the emotional challenges he faced along the way.

Under Babar’s Leadership:

As Babar celebrates his 100th ODI, his leadership has contributed to Pakistan’s rise to the top of the ODI rankings. His tactical acumen, consistent performances, and ability to inspire the team have played a vital role in Pakistan’s success. As the team’s captain, Babar has fostered a winning culture, resulting in significant achievements on the international stage.

Tweet from the Past:

Looking back at his journey, it is worth noting that back in 2014, Babar tweeted, “Thank God I’m selected for Pakistan camp. Pakistan conditional summer camp starts from 8 May.”

People’s Reaction to Tweet:

Babar Azam’s milestone of completing 100 ODIs marks a remarkable achievement in his cricketing journey. His dedication, hard work, and resilience have propelled him to the top of the ODI batting rankings, establishing him as one of the world’s premier batsmen. Under his captaincy, Pakistan has witnessed a resurgence, attaining the coveted position of the number one ODI team.

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