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Babar denies answering ‘IPL question’ by Indian journalist

Babar deny answering 'IPL question' by Indian journalist

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is said to be the most cash-rich T20 tournament in the world. However, amidst Team India’s poor campaign in the ICC T20 World Cup 2022, the league has been heavily criticized for just focusing on money rather than producing quality players.

Pakistan Super League (PSL), on the other hand, despite not being money-centred, has produced a long list of quality cricketers. Many examples of PSL, such as Shaheen Shah Afridi and Shadab Khan, were seen as the match-winners throughout the marquee tournament.

For this reason, IPL is being trended on social media forums, as the Indian fans demand to ban the league for producing no positive outcomes. On the other hand, PSL is not only being praised by the countrymen but has made its worth all across the world.

Babar stays silent when Indian journalist queried benefit of playing in IPL

Seeking the context, an Indian journalist tried to cover up his country’s IPL, asking Pakistani skipper Babar Azam about the importance of IPL for the Pakistani cricketers if they come to play the league.

It is pertinent to mention here that while Pakistan are already advantageous being in the World Cup 2022 final, India are back at their home, losing against England in a humiliating manner against the Kiwis.

Notably, Azam maintained silence on the question and glanced at his manager, who said the session was being arranged for World Cup-related questions but not for IPL-related queries.

Here is what the journalist asked,

“Talk about the benefits of playing the IPL, is that something you feel would help you and your team and is that something you have any hope for in the future?,”

Here is Babar’s response:


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