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BCCI issues serious warning to all Indian cricketers

BCCI issues serious warning to all Indian cricketers

The Board of Control of Cricket in India (BCCI) has issued a serious warning to all Indian cricketers, including from domestic and international panels. The board has reminded the cricketers once again about its policy of now allowing Indian cricketers to play any foreign league.

According to the context, multiple IPL franchises have bought teams in the UAE and CSA T20 leagues. The parent IPL teams of the newly-launched competitions asked the BCCI to rope in their players in UAE’s ILT20 and CSA T20 leagues. Recently, Chennai Super Kings also requested the board’s permission to hire MS Dhoni as the mentor of the South Africa-based tournament.

The BCCI strongly condemns the participation of its cricketers in any T20 league. It has released new statements to aware all the concerned parties about the policy in a strict manner. According to this, a player seeking to participate in any league across the world should retire from IPL, more precisely, cut off all ties with the BCCI.

The board has given clear warning to Dhoni, that if he wishes to mentor the team in CSA T20 league, he should first end all relations with Indian cricket. The statements are as following:

“It’s clear that no Indian player, including domestic players, can take part in any other league until he is retired from all forms of the game. If any player wants to take part in these upcoming leagues, he can only do so when he cuts off all ties with the BCCI,”

“For Dhoni to mentor CSK’s team in CSA T20 League, he needs to retire from IPL as well. Then he can’t play IPL for CSK. He has to retire here first,”

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