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BCCI official tells how women’s cricket is devalued

BCCI official tells how women's cricket is devalued

Vinod Rai, the former chairman of the Committee of Administrators of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has disclosed that women’s cricket was taken for granted until 2006. He has revealed an incident to prove his point which has shocked the readers after knowing.

In an interview, the BCCI official told that the men’s jerseys were reused and restitched for women cricketers. The point clearly elaborates how women’s cricket was devalued, and it is still not anyhow comparable to modern men’s cricket. We see fewer opportunities provided, less advertising, and less attention given to the ladies in Asian nations.

The steps in the advancement of the area are been considered, however, gradual changes might speak their consequences on a long-term basis. Rai feels women’s cricket deserves more attention than it has been given.

“I do not think women’s cricket has been given the attention it deserves. Unfortunately, women cricketers had not been taken seriously till about 2006, when Mr [Sharad] Pawar took the initiative to merge the men’s and women’s associations. I was aghast to know that men’s uniforms were being cut up and re-stitched for women’s players. I had to ring up Nike and tell them that this was not on and that their design would be different,” Rai was quoted saying.

He believes just like men, women should be given equal chances so there pops up unheard talent. The fact is not hidden that the ladies in Asian nations are making notably fewer pennies than their fellow male cricketers which absolutely sounds unjust.

“I sincerely believe the girls deserved much better [when it came to] training, coaching facilities, cricketing gear, travel facilities and, finally, match fees and retainers. That was lacking and we tried to rectify it,”

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