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BCCI updates World Cup 2023 schedule for the third time

BCCI updates World Cup 2023 schedule for the third time

Intriguing developments surround the ICC World Cup 2023 schedule, as the BCCI continues to make successive modifications. The alterations have led to the reshuffling of three crucial matches for Pakistan.

The fluidity in the schedule raises questions about the BCCI’s motives and strategy behind these recurrent changes. As cricket enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the tournament from October 5 to November 19, hosted across 10 venues, the uncertainties introduced by the schedule adjustments remain a topic of keen interest.

Here is Pakistan’s updated schedule updated for the third time:

Date Match Venue Time (PST)
October 6 vs Netherlands Hyderabad 10:00 am
October 10 vs Sri Lanka Hyderabad 01:30 pm
October 14 vs India Ahmedabad 01:30 pm
October 20 vs Australia Bengaluru 01:30 pm
October 23 vs Afghanistan Chennai 01:30 pm
October 27 vs South Africa Chennai 01:30 pm
October 31 vs Bangladesh Kolkata 01:30 pm
November 4 vs New Zealand Bengaluru 10:00 am
November 11 vs England Kolkata 01:30 pm

Noteworthy Points:

  1. Pakistan’s schedule for the ICC World Cup 2023 has been rescheduled, affecting three of their matches.
  2. The revised matches are Pakistan vs Sri Lanka on October 10, Pakistan vs India on October 14, and Pakistan vs England on November 11.
  3. The tournament will feature 10 teams competing at 10 venues from October 5 to November 19.
  4. The Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad will host both the tournament opener and the final.
  5. Day matches will commence at 10:00 am PST, while day-night fixtures will begin at 01:30 pm PST.
  6. In the event that Pakistan qualifies for the semi-finals, their match will be held in Kolkata.
  7. India’s semi-final location will be Mumbai, except when playing against Pakistan, in which case it will be held in Kolkata.
  8. The Cricket World Cup will adopt a round-robin format with 45 league matches, with each team facing all others.
  9. The top four teams will advance to the semi-finals scheduled for November 15 (Mumbai) and November 16 (Kolkata), with reserve days allotted for the semi-finals and the final.

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