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Big loss for Pakistan Cricket

Big loss for Pakistan Cricket

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has confirmed Ramiz Raja as its 36th chairman today. Taking over the post, Ramiz is no more eligible to commentate on cricket as nobody can uphold more than one post in the system at once.

Ramiz, who has been serving Pakistan Cricket as a commentator for so long, has finally bid farewell to it. However, it is a massive loss for green shirts’ for losing the ‘only’ potent international commentator they had.

Devotees, despite loving or unloving Ramiz as PCB chairman, always had appreciated for his flourishing commentary. Now, Pakistan, left with no commentator to feature the realm on such a big stage, is adhered to a massive loss.

Raja himself confirmed the news in a press conference that was held today in Lahore. When one of the reporters queried the question, he clarified all the stances.

Although Pakistan has produced a number of renowned commentators such as Bazid Khan, Tariq Saeed, Wasim Akram, and a few more, but none of them have reached Ramiz’s level for giving an upper hand internationally but have stayed limited within Pakistan Cricket (intl or domestic).

Here is how fans are reacting:

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