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Brendon McCullum’s Relationship with 22Bet India under Scrutiny

Brendon McCullum's Relationship with 22Bet India under Scrutiny

Brendon McCullum, the former New Zealand Test cricketer and current England Test coach, is facing scrutiny from the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) regarding his relationship with bookmaker, 22Bet India. McCullum signed a promotional deal with the betting company, which has come under fire after the New Zealand Problem Gambling Foundation filed an official complaint to the country’s Department of Internal Affairs (DIA). The DIA confirmed that 22Bet’s advertisements were misleading as the company is not registered or licensed in New Zealand.

The ECB is now investigating McCullum’s social media posts related to betting as part of their anti-corruption code, which prohibits “participants” from directly or indirectly enticing, persuading, encouraging or facilitating any other party to enter into a bet related to the result, progress, conduct or any other aspect of any match or competition. The organization stated that they are currently exploring the matter and are in discussions with McCullum about his relationship with the betting company.

The former Kiwi cricketer’s deal with 22Bet has raised concerns about his credibility as a coach and his commitment to fair play. The ECB has strict rules in place around gambling, and they will ensure that these rules are followed. The investigation may impact McCullum’s reputation and future coaching prospects, and he will need to provide answers to the board about his involvement with the betting company.

Under McCullum’s coaching, England has transformed their Test cricket game, moving away from traditional playing styles and embracing a more aggressive brand of cricket in the longer format. The new style of play, dubbed the ‘BazBall Formula’, has led to England’s success in recent matches, and McCullum has been hailed as a mastermind behind the change. However, his involvement with 22Bet India may put a question mark on his credibility and his ability to maintain the integrity of the sport.

The issue of gambling and match-fixing has been a longstanding problem in cricket, and authorities around the world have been taking steps to prevent corruption in the sport. The ECB’s investigation into McCullum’s relationship with 22Bet India is part of their efforts to maintain the integrity of the game and protect it from corruption. It is imperative that cricketers and coaches maintain high standards of ethics and fair play to preserve the spirit of the sport.

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