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Cricket in 2023 to stable Indo-Pak relations, here is how

Cricket in 2023 to stable Indo-Pak relations, here is how

Cricket in 2023 to stable Indo-Pak relations, here is how

The 2020’s edition of the Asian Cricket Council (ACC’s) Asia Cup is staying in jeopardy. It was to be organized in August 2020 but the COVID threats did not allow it to process.

Being rescheduled, it is heavily assumed that the event might take place in June 2021. With a few of the existing commitments of the Asian teams, the future of the Asia Cup once again looks in jeopardy.

India, who will be playing the final of the ICC Test Championship, will not be available either. However, there was an announcement that BCCI will be sending the B team but it has not been officially approved yet.

On the other hand, major players of the Pakistan Cricket Team will also be busy winding up the remaining matches of the HBL PSL 6 as the T20 league was postponed shortly amidst rising COVID cases in the camp.

Also, the chairman of the PCB, Ehsan Mani has revealed multiple times Pakistan’s unavailability in the Asia Cup. He lastly added being sure that the Asia Cup will not be taking place hence, Pakistan are not preparing for it.

As of now, he once again has stated that it is crucial for all Asian teams to participate in the Asia Cup so ACC can enhance revenue and cricket in such countries. He hopes that Sri Lanka will be hosting the event by 2022 rather than this June amidst the countries’ schedules for the tournaments.

Will Pakistan be able to host Asia Cup 2023 or India will deny visiting there this time as well?

Notably, the hosting rights of Asia Cup 2023 belong to Pakistan as they did belong in the canceled season as well. The season was moved to Sri Lanka due to Indo-Pak’s unstable political relations with India’s unwillingness to voyage Pakistan.

Two consecutive denials won’t be turning out good hence, Mani believes that PCB is optimistic to host India in peaceful and cricket-loving Pakistan in 2023.


He says it will break the ice of hatred between two countries and cricket in 2023 can turn out to be loving for both ends. In short, he is ready to welcome India in Asia Cup 2023 despite BCCI making issues on the scenario.

Cricket in 2023 to stable Indo-Pak relations, here is how

“Pakistan has to host the Asia Cup in 2023. India’s participation in the tournament will be a big breakthrough for Pakistan cricket. I hope that the political situation would improve by then.”

“There was a small window in June in which we are going to play the rest of the Pakistan Super League matches,”

“The Indian team will play the final of the Test Championship against New Zealand. They have to go to England two weeks ago and stay in quarantine so the Indian team is also busy.”

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