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Former cricketers suggest ‘selfish’ approach to Rohit Sharma

Former cricketers suggest 'selfish' approach to Rohit Sharma

  • Rohit Sharma’s selfless approach to cricket and focus on team success in the ODI World Cup 2023 have garnered attention.
  • Sharma’s exceptional batting performance, with 334 runs in six matches, sets him apart as a key player for the Indian team.
  • His fearless mindset and role as an opener have been crucial in leading the team during the Powerplay.

Rohit Sharma, the captain of the Indian cricket team, finds himself at a pivotal juncture in the ODI Cricket World Cup 2023. Their upcoming match against Sri Lanka in Mumbai carries the potential to secure their place in the highly sought-after semi-finals.

Yet, the day before this crucial encounter, Rohit Sharma faced a rather thought-provoking question during the pre-match press conference.

With his characteristic calm demeanour, Sharma responded to the query about his selfless approach in the 2023 World Cup. Despite receiving acclaim for prioritizing team achievements over personal records, some former cricketing legends have suggested a hint of selfishness may be beneficial for his long-term performance.

Initially taken aback, Rohit responded in his usual composed manner, underscoring his tireless commitment to the team’s success above all else.

In his own words,

“Yes, I’m enjoying my batting. However, I always keep the team’s situation in mind. It’s not about recklessly swinging the bat. It’s about playing well and ensuring the team is in a good position. That’s my mindset.”

In the ongoing World Cup, Rohit Sharma has emerged as a standout performer for the Indian cricket team. He has amassed an impressive 334 runs in just six matches, maintaining a remarkable average of 66.33.

What sets him apart is his striking rate of 119.16, making him the most effective specialist batter in the team. Of particular note is his exceptional performance during the Powerplay. Explaining his batting approach, he elaborated,

“When I open, the scoreboard starts from zero. So, as a batsman, I have to set the tone for the game. I have the advantage, or you can call it a privilege, of starting the batting with no pressure on wickets because everything is at 0-0. When you start that way, you can play fearlessly and express yourself as you wish.”

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