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Cricketers with 360 degree shots in cricket

cricket, 360 degree shots

Who plays the best 360-degree shots in cricket?

Ever since the arrive of Twent20 cricket, and with T10 cricket becoming more famous, batsmen decided to be more inventive and conventional with their batting, trying to get quick runs by any means.

Today, we take a look at the top five cricketers who plays with 360-degree style.

1. Kevin Pieterson (England)

The man who started off with different degree of shots, England’s Kevin Pieterson was a fine batsman who could play the ball anywhere. He began with the Test cricket against Sri Lanka when it was first seen. He played his famous “switch hit” which is known around the world. Since then, he played some fabulous shots in his career, making him one of the earliest cricketers to play 360-degree shots.

2. AB de Villiers (South Africa)

The man who mastered the 360-degree shots. Former South African cricketer and captain AB de Villiers is famous for his conventional shots. He plays some shots that are just unbelievable to watch. He played scope, paddle scope, reverse paddle sweep etc. All kinds of shots he has under his belt.

Take a look at some of his extraordinary shots.

3. Jos Buttler (England)

Jos Buttler is one of the well known white-ball players who can be very destructive when it comes to playing different conventional and innovative shots in the world. He is most famous for his scope shot, moving across the stumps and getting under the ball to scope it away down the leg-side.

Here’s his compilations of his favourite shot.

4. Glenn Maxwell (Australia)

Among the active players, Jos Buttler and Australia’s Glenn Maxwell are two destructive cricketers with their unique style of playing. Maxwell is known for his different style of shots. He loves playing reverse sweep and switch hit the most.

Here is Maxwell taking down Sri Lanka with his inventive shots.

5. KL Rahul (India)

KL Rahul is the latest addition in playing the 360-degree shots and is very good at. Though the world is yet to recognize him in this famous category, KL Rahul is slowly making a name for himself. It was seen in the IPL where he started to be more inventive.

Take a look at some of his fine shots.

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