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How is security in Pakistan? Reveals Darren Sammy

How is security in Pakistan? Reveals Darren Sammy

How is security in Pakistan? Reveals Darren Sammy

West Indies cricketer, Darren Sammy, who is known for representing a positive image and a message of peace from Pakistan, has once again spoken about the changing practices of the cricket-loving nation. He has been a part of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) since the inaugural edition representing his beloved team, Peshawar Zalmi.

There was a time when people were petrified of voyaging Pakistan as it was contemplated a ‘terrorist’ state after the Sri Lanka Bus Attack outside Gadaffi Stadium. As of now, things are rapidly improving due to the kind and generous personages who encourage the positive side of the country. Since the attack, the nation has been playing most of the matches in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) amidst hesitant cricket players to visit the nation.

With cricket’s slow revival in the country, Darren Sammy is reckoned among a few players who contributed to the resumption of the sport back in the realm. He has often been heeded articulating chastity about Pakistan. In the last few years, he has gathered enormous love from the people here.

In an interview, he was blotched uttering that he is not sure about West Indies’ next tour to Pakistan due to the unchecked program but the time is surely near. He assumes that the players of the West Indies contributed in the ‘right direction as many teams are visiting the nation now.

How is security in Pakistan? Reveals Darren Sammy

“I am not sure (West Indies will visit Pakistan next), I have not checked the calendar. But I think we were about to a year before last year. I think now the teams are coming. I remember us taking a small step in the PSL two and getting to the finals in Lahore. I think that was a small step in the right direction,”

Discussing the past, Sammy added that players used to query him if they should visit the cricket-loving nation or not. Speaking the difference between then and now, he added now people ask which spot should we go to play golf and eat in Pakistan.

“Now Hashim Amla and I were having a conversation and I think Javed asked what is the difference is between now and five years ago. I think the major difference coming to Pakistan now, four years ago players would be calling me and go ’Darren, I am going over there (Pakistan), do you think we should go?’ When West Indies coming to the captain had to call me and go, ‘Man should I go on this tour?’


He added that the fears of security are diminishing from the hearts of people now. This is what they want.

Now players are asking where they can play golf and questions like can we go to dinner in these or those places. The quote-unquote threat of security, that is slowly diminishing from people’s minds and I think that is what we want,”

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