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David Lloyd reacts to Afridi’s ‘ICC more inclined toward India’ statement

David Lloyd reacts to Afridi's 'ICC more inclined toward India' statement

India’s journey in the ICC T20 World Cup 2022 has been no less than a rollercoaster. We have been witnessing multiple thrilling encounters let, it be against Pakistan or any other team. However, the lookouts have raised their voices for some controversial incidents, favouring India ‘unjustly’; as they say, the International Cricket Council (ICC) should better be narrated as the Indian Cricket Council.

When they say this, they mean that last-over thriller against Pakistan and Virat Kohli’s fake throw against Bangladesh while fielding. While the Tigers demanded a five-run penalty or some alternative decision taken against team India, they have also raised their voices on an international level since fake throw, by ethical means, is not allowed in cricket.

On the other side of the story, where an Indian cricketer has been in hot water, his country fellows have shown great support for him, saying no one on the field noticed the incident on the spot. Later, it was Nurul Hasan who demanded justice for Bangladesh, and we saw some other cricket experts presenting their opinions on the scenario, Pakistan’s Shahid Afridi being one of them.

Since both times, against Pakistan and Bangladesh, the on-field umpires were the same, ex-Pakistani player says they must get the best umpiring award for their biased decisions. He also feels the ICC is more inclined towards India. David Lloyd, the former English cricketer, reacted with a one-word tweet, finding Afridi’s remarks powerful.

While talking on a local channel, Afridi had said,

“You saw the ground how wet it was. But ICC is inclined towards India. They want to ensure India reaches the semi-finals at any cost. The umpires were also the same who officiated India vs Pakistan & will get the best umpire awards.”

Here is David’s reply:

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