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Did Om Prakash Mishra threaten New Zealand?

Did Om Prakash Mishra threaten New Zealand?

Minister of Information and Broadcasting of Pakistan, Fawad Choudhry, upon his research, has found out that the reason behind New Zealand cancelling their tour of Pakistan is, India.

The last-minute withdrawal from the entire series was undefined and unspecified by the NZC. The guest refused to share the details of the perceived threats and packed their bags to leave for their backyards.

Despite the immense security provided to them, way more than the total forces they have in-country, they believed the non-existing threats from an unknown source. What was worst? They decided to leave the nation believing hoaxed and fabricated lies.

Fawad says the device, that was used to send an email to NZC, was formed in India in 2019. The device was used by Om Prakash Mishra from Mumbai under the name of Hamza Afridi showing Singapore via VPN location.

Did Om Prakash Mishra threaten New Zealand for cancelling Pakistan tour?

“The mobile device from which the threat was launched in India in August 2019 and became active on September 25, through which a man named Om Prakash Mishra created a fake e-mail ID named Hamza Afridi from Mumbai and threatened to locate Singapore through VPN. Timing and text of the threat email suggest that the threat was not the reason for cancellation of the tour, but was issued after the cancellation.”

Proving the valid points in the conference, Fawad also showed some pictures collectively uttering the truth. India, as a reason behind NZ tour cancelation, has completed their plan to isolate cricket in Pakistan. It took more than 10 years to build the repute and get the sport back in the nation.

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