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England players slam ECB, here is why

England players slam ECB, here is why

The Team England Player Partnership (TEPP), on Friday, said that the English players union was kept in dark ahead of the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) decision to abandon Pakistan tour. ECB’s decision came in the enlightenment of the New Zealand Cricket (NZC) that opted out to withdraw a few moments before the first game began.

NZC cited security threats from an ‘unknown’ and ‘unreliable’ source but did not specify to the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) from where they received those threats. ECB, following their footsteps, asked for two days to make a conclusion regarding the Pakistan tour and announced calling off for quite a different reason.

ECB stated that players well-being and mental health is the utmost priority than touring. Players, on the other hand, were unaware of the ‘unjust’ resolution taken towards Pakistan.

The English squad is displeased from their board for keeping the whole union in the murk. It said that the board did not even consult them before the tour was finalized and did not inform their decision to call off later. It has led players to suffer vast criticism.

England cricketers had no role in calling off Pakistan tour:

The players were not consulted about the tour.

Players were neither consulted before the tour was finalised nor were they taken on board over the decision to cancel the tour.

At no point were the team players taken into confidence.

The ECB’s decision drew unnecessary criticism on players.


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