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Everyone in India and Pakistan consider my bowling action legal – Shoaib Akhtar on Virender Sehwag

Everyone in India and Pakistan consider my bowling action legal - Shoaib Akhtar on Virender Sehwag

Former Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Akhtar has responded to Virender Sehwag’s accusations of chucking against him. The ex fast bowler has replied in an appropriate manner and denied lashing back at him.

Sehwag claimed that Akhtar’s bowling action was illegal, however, Shoaib has replied that his friend does not know more than the International Cricket Council (ICC).

Shoaib denied replying furiously saying because he was one of the greatest Indian batters, who is yet his friend out of the ground. The bowler said saying something can weaken the relationship between the two.

“Sehwag should avoid saying such things as it will weaken a good relationship. I will not say anything in response because Sehwag is my good friend. He was a very good cricketer and the best opener India ever had. At this age, I remain careful while making statements,”

The pacer added ICC cleared him of his bowling action. He furthermore commented everyone across India and Pakistan considers his bowling action legal except Sehwag.

“I don’t think Sehwag knows more than ICC. The international body had cleared my bowling action. Except for him, everyone in India and Pakistan considers my bowling action legal,”

What did Virender Sehwag say about Shoaib Akhtar?

In the recent developments, Sehwag compared Akhtar with former Australian bowler Brett Lee. He said it was easier to pick Lee’s delivery but one could not get an idea of what Akhtar can be up to. The ex-Indian cricketer accused him of jerking his elbow while balling.

“Shoaib knows he used to jerk his elbow; he knew he was chucking too. Why would ICC ban him otherwise? Brett Lee’s hand came down straight, so it was easy to pick the ball. But with Shoaib, you could never guess where the hand and the ball will come from.”

“I never feared facing Brett Lee, but with Shoaib, I could not trust what he would do if I hit him twice to the fence. Maybe a beamer or a toe-crushing yorker,”

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