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Asia Cup 2023

Ex-Sri Lankan cricketer furious over ICC, ACC, and BCCI for Asia Cup mismanagement

Ex-Sri Lankan cricketer furious over ICC, ACC, and BCCI for Asia Cup mismanagement

  1. Arjuna Ranatunga criticizes ACC, ICC, and BCCI for altering rules for Pakistan-India clash in the 2023 Asia Cup.
  2. He expresses concerns about the inconsistency and setting a dangerous precedent.
  3. Ranatunga calls for fair decision-making and equal opportunities in cricket tournaments.

Former Sri Lankan cricket icon, Arjuna Ranatunga, has launched a scathing critique aimed at the Asian Cricket Council (ACC), the International Cricket Council (ICC), and the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) for their handling of the Reserve Day policy in the Pakistan-India Super 4 showdown during the 2023 Asia Cup.

Ranatunga minced no words in expressing his disapproval of the decision to tweak the rules exclusively for a particular team, emphasizing the worrisome inconsistency and potential ramifications that such a precedent might set for future tournaments. The alteration of regulations just before a pivotal game was a cause for concern in his eyes.

“In the context of the Asia Cup, we had established rules prior to the commencement of the tournament. However, on the eve of one specific game, these rules were amended. Where, I ask, is the ACC’s and ICC’s accountability in all of this? I find it deeply unsettling when a tournament’s rules are altered solely for one team. Such a practice could lead to a catastrophic future,” Ranatunga expressed with a sense of foreboding.

Ranatunga didn’t hold back in criticizing the ICC and ACC for what he perceived as a reluctance to take action and shoulder responsibility, suggesting that their preoccupation with maintaining their positions stifles the essential discourse and decision-making processes.

“My sentiments are tinged with sadness for both the ICC and ACC, as they appear to prioritize maintaining their positions. It seems even former cricketers are hesitant to voice their concerns, perhaps driven by monetary considerations,” he added.

The former cricketing legend voiced concerns that such rule changes might extend to crucial encounters like the highly anticipated India-Pakistan clash in the upcoming ICC ODI World Cup.

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“I wouldn’t be surprised if they choose to change the rules ahead of the India-Pakistan showdown in the forthcoming ODI World Cup. ICC will, in all likelihood, remain passive and give their consent. It’s just empty talk; nothing concrete ever materializes,” Ranatunga lamented.

Ranatunga made an impassioned plea for balanced representation from all cricketing boards and individuals, advocating for equitable decision-making and a level playing field for all participating teams.

“Why do other nations acquiesce to such practices? Is it because the BCCI holds sway, or one particular individual wields undue influence? This simply cannot be allowed. If such a circumstance arose, they should have extended the same privilege to all teams and allocated an extra day,” he concluded.

It’s pertinent to note that originally, only the final match of the 2023 Asia Cup was designated to have a reserve day. However, following the washout of the group stage match between Pakistan and India, the rules were amended for this high-stakes encounter, which commenced on September 10 and concluded on the reserve day, September 11, due to inclement weather in Colombo.

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