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Great cricket commentator retires from commentary

Great cricket commentator retires from commentary

The former Australian cricketer, who has proved himself as one of the great commentators, has ended his commentary era with a magnificent 45-year stint. Ian Chappell will no more be the voice of cricket, sitting nowhere in the commentary box.

Chappell, who has been the great cricket commentator for more than 45 years, has revealed that media tycoon Kerry Packer wanted to sack him on multiple occasions in the mid of World series cricket.

The former skipper joined the commentary panel in 1977, after he folded up his international career, featuring Australia in 75 Test matches. He also enjoyed decent stats in international cricket, amassing 5345 runs in the longest format.

He told Sydney Morning Herald that,

“I remember the day when I knew I’d had enough of playing cricket. I looked at the clock, and it was five past 11 on a day of play, and I thought, ‘S*** if you’re clock-watching at that time, I have to go,”

“Kerry wanted to sack me a couple of times. He used to get the shits about one-day cricket because that was his baby … With Kerry, it was just like a storm. You’d let it blow over till the next one came,”

He also sounds worrisome while talking about the future of Test cricket. With the rising franchise-based cricket, he is concerned that players will not be available to play Test cricket in future.

 “(Test cricket) won’t die in my lifetime. But who’ll be playing it? That’s the big question,”

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