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Grouping confirmed in Pakistan women cricket team

Grouping confirmed in Pakistan women cricket team

Pakistan women cricket team is more like a battleground. What we see, is not the case behind the curtains as the ‘united’ ladies are more in ‘combat’ with each other.

The CEO of the PCB, Wasim Khan, alongside the chief selector of the women cricket team, Urooj Mumtaz, held a meeting with girls and greens to discuss related aspects.

It has been confirmed that there has been ‘grouping’ in the team since Javeriya Khan stepped into Bismah Maroof’s boots. Players, expressing their distrust towards the captain, said that she talks to whoever she wants and ignores the rest.

Nida Dar, one of the senior players, once tried to reunite while shaking the hands, but Javeriya denied furiously and moved away. Also, in a conference, she told the captain’s hypocrisy telling the players not to praise her.

“Captain is not happy with players’ performance. I scored fifty during an ODI against South Africa where she told players not to applaud for me,”

Nida Dar

Not only Nida, but the wicketkeeper, Sidra Nawaz has also uttered some words against her. She said the skipper talks to a few players. It looks like grouping and favouritism to Sidra as well.

“Seems like there is grouping in the team where captain only talks to few players,”

Sidra Nawaz

No salary increment for women cricket team, says Wasim Khan

Moreover, Wasim told girls that there will be no increment in their salaries following their poor performances so far.

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