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Highest and lowest totals in Asia Cup history

highest and lowest totals in Asia Cup history

The fans and the six teams gear up for the 15th edition of the Asia Cup, scheduled to take place between August 27th and September 11th in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Asia Cup is the most prominent cricketing event after ICC T20 and ODI World Cups. The Asian Cricket Council’s tournament usually takes place after every two years.

So far, 14 editions have successfully been completed, with the first edition taking place in 1984. In 14 years of success, we have seen different winners coming out. It started as a 50-over format, but after ICC downsized ACC in 2015, it was decided that Asia Cup would be played in T20 and ODI formats on a rotation basis, also considering the forthcoming format of the World Cup.

Since all cheers, up for Asia Cup 2022, let’s eye back at the highest and lowest totals in Asia Cup history.

Highest and lowest totals in Asia Cup history

Highest team total in T20 Asia Cup

Surprisingly, Oman is the team to have registered the highest total in T20 Asia Cup history. Underdogs Oman scored 180 against Hong Kong during Asia Cup 2016. Hong Kong, who have qualified for Asia Cup 2022 by winning the Qualifiers, went close to chase but fell short of six runs.

Afghanistan own a record for scoring the second-highest total in T20 Asia Cup history. They managed 178 against Hong Kong. 176 is the third-highest score by a batting team, which was scored by the UAE. Astonishingly, there are no India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, or Sri Lanka in the top five teams in the list of highest-total in T20 Asia Cup history.

Highest team total in ODI Asia Cup

Apart from t20 Asia Cup, Pakistan scored 385 versus Bangladesh in Asia Cup 2010, which is considered the highest team total in Asia Cup history. Next on the table are India, who batted 374 against Hong Kong in the 2008 edition.

Lowest team total in T20 Asia Cup

When it comes to the lowest total, Pakistan is in third place. It was when Asia Cup was played in the T20 format for the first time. In fact, top three lowest team totals fall in the category of Asia Cup 2016, the only time it was played in T20 format. They could nearly manage 82 runs against arch-rivals. India reached the feat in just 15 overs. UAE is placed at first and second spots, scoring 81 and 82 team totals against India and Bangladesh in the same season, 2016.

Lowest team total in ODI Asia Cup

As far as the ODI format of the Asia Cup is concerned, Bangladesh are unlucky to be on the top of the list of ‘lowest team total’ and occupy the second spot too. They could total 87 and 94 runs against Pakistan in the 2000 and 1986 editions, respectively.

The 2022 edition will be the second time the event will be played in the T20 format, following the explanation already mentioned above in the second paragraph.

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