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How James Faulkner can be summoned with the charges of terrorism?

How Jame Faulkner can be accused with the charges of terrorism?

If you are an overseas player, does not mean you are prior. Cricket, a game of spirit, unites sportsmen on one forum regardless of cast and demographic factors. But, if one understands themselves as superior to others humiliating nation’s and people’s reputations, the consequences can be damaging sometimes.

Pakistanis, known for their hospitality, have always been warmly welcoming all the foreigners with grace. Their presence is delighted, and undoubtedly, the international cricketers are left with nothing, but words full of praise for the hospitality and quality cricket. But once, it comes to their reputation, and if it gets badly hit by an outsider, there is no better revenge seeker than them.

It took a decade to regain lost and shattered reputation after third-party agendas put their one hundred percent to snatch cricketing delights from Pakistan. New Zealand Cricket and England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) already player their crucial but unwanted roles last year, but the nation somehow coped with the consequences with no barrier coming again in the way of international cricket in the backyard. No more bearing now!

James Faulkner, who was once respected like every other overseas guest arriving in Pakistan, has created a whole lot of controversy. Has not been a decade since the revival of international cricket in Pakistan but it seems like it is undigestable to some.

Faulkner, who was issued his 70% salary by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), as promised, before the league started, issued his UK-based account. However, recently, he cited another bank account in Australia demanding another salary transfer which means he would have gotten 2x of salary, which is totally unethical. Faulkner was to get the leftover amount by the end of the league, however, his abusive behaviour with Quetta Gladiators has created a war between the two parties.

Following the consequences, he asked for travel arrangements to get back home and flew to Australia earlier today.

It must be noted the Australian cricketer is now banned from PSL forever following his violent behaviour with hotel staff/management, and abusive acts with the security staff at the immigration center.

Not only the Pakistani sources, but ESPN Cricinfo has also confirmed Faulkner’s misbehave. He was ‘too special’ for the entire country until the plot got extreme. Anyhow, not the first time he has done something similar. You must read how he sidelined himself from Hobart Hurricanes, a franchise of his country’s very own league. What Pakistanis can expect from the one who once bashed at the nation’s BBL team.

What James Faulkner did, was an act of terrorism

James Faulkner threw his kitbag from the 6th floor of PC hotel in Lahore and smashed his helmet into the chandelier of the hotel lobby which could’ve injured many people present there. It is reported the player was drunk at the time.

Faulkner has a tainted history. He was banned for two years from driving. He was charged £10,000 after he admitted drink-driving.

Undoubtedly, what he did in Pakistan, is an act of terrorism. If throwing a heavy helmet and a bat at the public place’s light is an act of terrorism, then what it is? A normal and intellectual person probably would acknowledge Faulkner’s wrongdoing and agree to the point.

What if any Pakistani player would have done in Australia what Faulkner did in Pakistan?

For example, let us consider the Pakistan tour of New Zealand 2020 when the New Zealand Cricket (NZC) threatened to send Pakistani players back home on ‘one more breach’. But, what the foreign cricketers are doing to us? Drop in the comments what action should be taken against the players breaching PCB’s policies and violating the nation’s image across the globe? N

No surprises, but any Pakistani doing the same act as Faulkner in any hotel in Australia, would’ve been charged under the act of terrorism by now.

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