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How much cricketers earn through Instagram?

How much cricketers earn through Instagram?

How much cricketers earn through Instagram?

Cricket, undoubtedly, is the highest-paid sport. We have seen the rise of cricketers after they made their public appearances for the respective teams. There is a vast list of players who earn millions per annum alongside the match fees and distinctive rewards.

From owning big villas to multiple cars, the lavish lives of these cricketers are often discussed on social forums. We even see most players coming from a muffled background and turning into a millionaire overnight.

After social media has evolved, the players have become able to maximize their reach, gaining billions of fans across the globe. For the past many years, franchise cricket has also worked as a gateway for the cricketers to gain the limelight.

Whilst working on their skill, they now have started attracting the eyeballs of different brands for various photo shoots, ads, and much more curriculum activities. It allows them to meet a very vast fellowship off-field.

The cricketing fraternity has witnessed a plethora of cricketers. Not all have been able to perform as expected but those, who did not only lay in the hearts of countless but have also caught consistency in making the public appearances more like the starred celebrities.

It allows them to earn a massive amount of cash per post on their social media as the photos, posts, and videos survive overall the world. With plenty of likes, comments, and shares, the media gets viral in no time, generating a hefty amount for the players to enjoy in their livelihood.

Instagram, one of the most liked and used social media platforms, engage more users towards such characters, and their popularity can be measured through their incomes per Instagram post. Here is how much cricketers earn through Instagram

5 cricketers who earn per Instagram post:

Virat Kohli:

Virat Kohli

Although there is a long list of cricketers who earn through Instagram, Virat Kohli lays at the top of the list of the top 5 cricketers who earn per Instagram post. Virat has also featured in the Forbes list of highest-paid athletes in the world.

The list portrayed his annual profit alongside the amount he earned per Insta post a year ago. With the passing months, the amount has also been increased as he makes 5,08,47,000 being the richest Indian athlete.

Myntra, Puma, Himalaya, MPL, MRF Tyre, Audi, Philips India are a few of the brands that Kohli worked for as a brand ambassador. His lifestyle is widely followed by millions on Instagram as he is the most followed Indian celebrity in any niche.

MS Dhoni:

MS Dhoni

MS Dhoni, the greatest cricketer of all time, may have been retired from the field but still has a cemented place in the hearts of his fans across the world.

Having experience of over a decade in donning the Indian jersey and being the second most successful IPL skipper, Dhoni is probably among the top richest Indian athletes.

Although he is adhering to a pleasurable life, he does not impersonate much on his social media. Nowadays, he is often seen busy farming and exploring the world after a full stop has been placed in front of his cricket career.

Despite being retired, he is the brand face of many top-rated organizations such as Cars24, Colgate, GoDaddy, Bharat Matrimony, Oppo. It makes him gain 1,44,47,726.04 INR RS per Instagram post. Can you estimate how much he used to gather when he once was a part of BCCI’s central contracts alongside getting per Insta post?

AB De Villiers:

Ab De Villiers

Mr 360, popularly known as AB De Villiers, is one of the most cherished batsmen across the world. His popularity has crossed even the cricket world. The Proteas’ star has been accomplishing heights since the last decade.

His fans not only lay in his backyard South Africa but they cheer up for him even though supporting their own respective teams. De Villiers, one of the crucial batters of the Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB), plays in the Indian Premier League (IPL), which adds more charms to his notoriety.

The South African player is the brand ambassador of Last Man Stands, Cameo, Wrogn, the brand owned by his IPL’s captain, Kohli. It adds the profitable amount to De Villiers’ bank account per post on Instagram.

Like this, he earns 58,47,053.10 INR Rs from a single Instagram post. The information is provided by Hopper HQ and is appropriate.

Hardik Pandya:

5 cricketers who earn with Instagram 1

Hardik Pandya, the Indian all-rounder, is one of those players who barely had enough money to cope with the finances and then climbed on the ladder of success earning in millions or even in billions per month.

Pandya, after his remarkable performances in the Indian Premier League (IPL) for the Mumbai Indians (MI) and for the national team, has approached the climax in the cricket world.

The terrific all-rounder has a vast fan following on and off the field. His attachment with the luxurious ornaments is well known. Featuring as the ambassador of multiple brands like Sin Denim, boAt, Gulf Oil India, and Hala Play, he earns a substantial amount.

Discussing his Instagram earning, Pandya earns 65,94,622.80 INR Rs per post. The figure can be justified by looking at his lifestyle and livelihood. The amount is also verified by many reliable sources.

Rohit Sharma:

Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma of India certainly called the hitman, also gathers substantial cash, being one of the cricketers who earn through Instagram. Despite inspiring the watchers with his explosive batting, he also has something special to entertain his following line-up with his personality off the cricket.

Glenmark Pharma, IIFL Finance, Oakley, Noise are a few of the companies Rohit works as an ambassador for. He is also one of the highest-paid cricketers in the IPL and in the Indian cricket team.

He makes 71,06,638 INR Rs per Instagram post that places him in the competition with the top 5 cricketers who earn per Instagram post. It makes him one of the richest sporting figures across the globe. As he shares his luxurious life with his devotees, the amount per post is also confirmed by reliable sources.

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