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How much PCB made from PSL 2023?

How much PCB made from PSL 2023?

In an impressive financial feat, the Pakistan Super League (PSL 2023) has amassed a staggering revenue exceeding PKR 5 billion. The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) operates on a profit-sharing formula dubbed ‘5-95,’ whereby the PCB claims 5% of the revenue while the six franchises secure a lion’s share of 95%.

The revenue streams stem from a variety of sources, including broadcasting rights, title sponsorship, gate receipts, and various other rights. While the figures disclosed are unaudited, they shed light on the central pool’s financials.

PCB made a total of 5.62 billion from PSL 2023

Insights obtained by a Cricket Pakistan representative unveil that the event generated a total revenue of Rs5.62 billion. The PCB’s slice of the pie amounts to Rs582,534,480, while the remaining franchises collectively share Rs5,046,776,989.

Divided among the six participating franchises, each team is set to receive approximately Rs841,129,498. This equitable distribution ensures a fair and proportional division of the earnings.

Television broadcasting rights have emerged as a substantial contributor to the PSL’s revenue stream. These rights, covering both domestic and international markets, have proven to be a lucrative asset, bolstering the tournament’s financial success.

Remarkably, the broadcasting rights from Pakistan alone yielded a revenue of Rs2,175,393,394, while an additional Rs402,824,378 was garnered from other countries through TV broadcasting rights.

Despite shouldering production costs and franchise fees, a majority of the franchises are anticipated to turn a profit this year. Their collaborations with various sponsors have further supplemented their earnings. However, Multan Sultans, burdened by higher franchise fees, are projected to endure another year of losses.

In parallel, the PCB itself garners billions of rupees through franchise fees from the PSL. However, franchisees have expressed dissatisfaction with certain aspects of the accounting, particularly raising objections regarding ticketing procedures.

The PSL’s exponential revenue growth stands as a testament to its immense popularity and the unwavering support it commands from cricket enthusiasts. As the league continues to evolve, the stakeholders remain committed to addressing concerns and optimizing the financial framework for an even brighter future.

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