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ICC board meeting scheduled two days after World Cup 2023 final

ICC board meeting scheduled two days after World Cup 2023 final

  1. Sri Lanka Cricket Suspended: ICC to address the recent suspension of Sri Lanka Cricket, raising questions about the Men’s U19 World Cup slated for January.
  2. ODI Cricket’s Future: Key discussions on the reinstatement of the 13-team ODI Super League and a new qualification pathway for the 2027 Men’s ODI World Cup.
  3. Olympic Aspirations: Deliberations on cricket’s inclusion in the LA28 Olympics, potential expansion beyond six teams, and the revival of a high-performance program for top Associates and Full Members.

In the wake of the recent suspension of Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) by the International Cricket Council (ICC) due to government interference, all eyes are on the upcoming ICC board meeting set to unfold in Ahmedabad. The gathering, scheduled for Tuesday, comes just two days after the thrilling World Cup 2023 final between cricket powerhouses India and Australia.

Among the pivotal topics slated for discussion, the future of ODI cricket takes center stage. The suspension of SLC has raised questions about the reinstatement of the Men’s U19 World Cup, which Sri Lanka was slated to host in January. Delegates will deliberate on whether SLC remains the appropriate host or if alternative arrangements need to be explored.

An intriguing proposal on the table is the revival of a high-performance program aimed at top Associates and select Full Members. This initiative aims to nurture cricket talent beyond the traditional powerhouses, fostering a more inclusive and competitive cricket landscape.

ICC board meeting to take place two days after World Cup 2023 final – What else will be discussed?

The ICC board will also scrutinize the proposed 13-team ODI Super League, recently scrapped but now being reconsidered by at least two boards. With a new qualification pathway greenlit for a 14-team 2027 Men’s ODI World Cup, the Super League, if reinstated, might not resurface until 2028.

On the financial front, the revenue cycle for the 2024-2027 period is set to be finalized, with cricket’s potential inclusion in the LA28 Olympics also on the agenda. While certain aspects have been ironed out, the meeting aims to put the final touches on these chapters, ensuring a comprehensive and well-rounded plan for cricket’s future.

Furthermore, the ICC will delve into the Olympic realm, discussing possible qualification pathways for cricket. There is a hopeful push from some boards to expand the participation to more than six teams, both in the men’s and women’s categories, in the upcoming Olympics—a move that could significantly elevate cricket’s global presence on the Olympic stage.

As cricket enthusiasts await the outcome of these crucial discussions, the Ahmedabad meeting stands poised to shape the trajectory of international cricket, with decisions carrying implications for tournaments, development programs, and the sport’s presence on the world stage.

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