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Imran Khan cricket ground sealed in Karachi

Imran Khan cricket ground sealed in Karachi

  • Karachi’s DMC East has sealed the Imran Khan Cricket Ground built by former PTI MNA Alamgir Khan.
  • The ground, originally intended as a public park, was allegedly misused for commercial purposes.
  • DMC East took action due to complaints and demolished the name boards, assuming control of the ground.
  • After the takeover, the general public will be allowed free entry to the facility.
  • The ground was constructed using the MNA fund by ex-MNA Alamgir.

The District Municipal Corporation (DMC) East has taken action by sealing the Imran Khan Cricket Ground in Karachi’s Gulshan-e-Iqbal area. The cricket ground, built by former Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) MNA Alamgir Khan and named after PTI chairman Imran Khan, was initially intended to serve as a public park for nearby residents and their families.

However, complaints were lodged with the DMC East, alleging that the ground was being utilized for commercial purposes instead. In response to the complaints, the local government body took decisive action and sealed the facility.

A spokesperson for the DMC stated that not only was the ground allegedly being used commercially, but the name “Imran Khan Cricket Ground” had not been approved by the district council. As part of the enforcement, the name boards were demolished, and the DMC East assumed control of the ground.

Following the takeover by local authorities, the general public will be granted free access to the facility. It is worth mentioning that the construction of the ground was funded by former MNA Alamgir using the MNA fund.

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