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India blame Pakistan for losing Pak vs Ind match

India blame Pakistan for losing Pak vs Ind match

India Cricket Team reportedly has blamed Pakistan Cricket Team for losing Pak vs Ind match of Asia Cup 2022 Super 4 stage. They have also lodged a complaint to the International Cricket Council (ICC) against the men in green for breaking the rhythm of the match, which, according to them, ended their contest’s stint.

A source confirmed to Geo News that the management of the Board of Control of Cricket in India (BCCI) has approached the match referee, blaming Pakistan’s wicketkeeping batter Mohammad Rizwan for portraying an injury drama to distract the Indians on the field.

Notably, Rizwan fell on his right leg while keeping the ball and also felt cramps in his knee. He was immediately taken to hospital after the game as MRI scans were examined to have a say on his further stint with the team in the event.  However, Indians, following a silly approach, have mentioned it as Rizwan’s drama to cost Indians the all-important clash.

“Indian management complained to the match referee that Pakistani players, including Mohammad Rizwan, kept on stopping the match without any reason. As a result, their bowlers’ rhythm was broken, which cost them an important match,”

ARY News also reported the news through reliable mediums as it circulates on the internet. Notably, Pakistan won versus India by five wickets, forcing them out of the tournament and leaving very minnow chances behind.

India’s qualification for Asia Cup 2022 final was dependent upon Pakistan’s defeat versus Afghanistan in yesterday’s match. Also, they would have to win Ind vs Afg scheduled today by a massive margin. The rest would have then depended upon the NRR. However, following Pakistan’s one-wicket win against Afghanistan yesterday, India are officially out of the Asia Cup 2022.

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