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India should stop crying, says Sikandar Bakht

India should stop crying, says Sikandar Bakht

In the aftermath of India’s defeat in the World Test Championship final against Australia, former Test cricketer Sikandar Bakht has voiced his opinion on the need for the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) to shift their focus towards the national team. Bakht, now a renowned cricket analyst, emphasized that making frivolous statements after a significant loss will not serve India well, especially considering their claim as the world’s top team.

Reflecting on India’s performance on the final day, Bakht pointed out that they had a chance to salvage the match with seven wickets in hand. However, the reckless shot selection by their batsmen, including key player Virat Kohli, led to their downfall. Bakht criticized the unnecessary pursuit of deliveries outside the off-stump, which ultimately proved detrimental to their cause.

Sikandar Bakht Calls for Indian Cricket Team to Regroup after World Test Championship Defeat

In response to the defeat, Indian skipper Rohit Sharma attributed their performance to the timing, venue, and format of the final. Sharma questioned why the final had to be scheduled immediately after the Indian Premier League (IPL) and suggested that it could be held in other months or locations worldwide.

Bakht dismissed Sharma’s statements as childish excuses, emphasizing that blaming external factors was unjustifiable when India had control of the situation but failed to capitalize on it. He further mocked the Indian team for complaining about slips being set by Australia, considering it a trivial matter unworthy of discussion at the international level.

Highlighting India’s lack of success in winning ICC trophies over the past decade, Bakht criticized their claims of cricketing dominance. He reminded them that despite the challenges faced in their own cricketing landscape, Pakistan had managed to secure trophies when the game was virtually nonexistent in their country.

Bakht urged the BCCI to abandon their desire for cricketing supremacy and instead focus on nurturing their team by setting aside political considerations. He believed that such a shift in approach would yield long-term benefits for Indian cricket.

As the cricketing world analyzes India’s defeat in the World Test Championship, Bakht’s critical assessment calls for introspection and a reevaluation of priorities for the Indian cricket team moving forward.

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