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India women’s cricket team lost World Cup 2017 final vs England because of eating Samosas

India women's cricket team lost World Cup 2017 final vs England because of eating Samosas

The former committee of Administrators of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), Vinod Rai has disclosed interesting buzzes about India women’s cricket team, which remained unheard for a long time.

Why India women’s cricket team lost World Cup 2017 final vs England?

Shedding light on why Mithali Raj and co lost the grand finale of the ICC Women’s World Cup 2017 versus England, he told it was because the girls in blue ate Samosas a day before the final, after the semifinal clash versus Australia. It sounds sarcastic but the players were forced to eat the oily items since the hotel did not provide them with the food they were supposed to eat before the all-important clash.

India had a great journey throughout the tournament, but they fell short of nine runs in the final played at Lord’s. Rai disclosed the team’s crucial better Harmanpreet Kaue told him that she did not have enough energy to hit sixes, however, she scored 171* in the thrilling semifinal, but faced bad luck on 51 in the final vs England falling low on energy levels.

“My regret was that I had not given due attention to women’s cricket till the match in which Harmanpreet [Kaur] scored 171* in the 2017 Women’s World Cup [against Australia]. She told me, sir, I was cramping so I had to hit sixes as I could not run much! They were told at the hotel that they could not get the food they were supposed to, so they had samosas for breakfast that morning!”

Vinod further told India women’s cricket was truly taken for granted before that and started getting some attention later on. He revealed men’s jerseys were cut and restitched for the women in blue. Vinod feels women’s cricket is given less attention than it should be.

I do not think women’s cricket has been given the attention it deserves. Unfortunately, women cricketers had not been taken seriously till about 2006, when Mr [Sharad] Pawar took the initiative to merge the men’s and women’s associations. I was aghast to know that men’s uniforms were being cut up and re-stitched for women’s players. I had to ring up Nike and tell them that this was not on and that their design would be different,” Rai was quoted saying.

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