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Indian extremists not sparing Arshdeep Singh for dropping Asif’s catch

arshdeep singh

Asif Ali’s drop catch by Arshdeep Singh was one of the match-changing moments, but it was not the sole moment to let Pakistan win by five wickets in the Super 4 match of the Asia Cup 2022. Continuing the poor tradition, a large group of Indian extremists have dragged one of the best IPL products under hot waters.

Arshdeep is not only in trouble with constructive criticism, but he has been getting death threats from his own countrymates. The player belonging to the Singh community is under the fascist comments of Hindu extremists, calling him Khalistani for his race and religion. Some are calling him Pakistani since he has Arshd (Arshad, a Pakistani Muslim name) in his name.

Surprisingly, Arshdeep Singh’s Wikipedia page also was edited quickly soon after the anti-racist comments on social media went viral. Wikipedia mentioned the cricketer as Khalistani, which got attention in no time.

Earlier, Mohammad Shami was the one to be under hefty criticism during the ICC T20 World Cup 2021 Super 12 match versus Pakistan. The veteran bowler conceded plenty of runs, and as usual, the Hindu extremists raised their unnecessary voices to expel him from the squad.

Shami, an Indian Muslim, was blamed for being from Pakistan since the runs he conceded ended in the men in green’s favour.

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