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Indians bash Harbhajan Singh, tell him to ask forgiveness from nation

Indians bash Harbhajan Singh, tell him to ask forgiveness from nation

Despite the fact that players and fans from arch-rivals countries India and Pakistan keep a soft corner for each other, the ice between them sometimes does not look melting. There is often some restless engagement on social media on various topics, and one such incident has been creating havoc on the internet recently.

We have seen friendly moments of Indian and Pakistani cricketers, including Shoaib Malik with the cross-border crew, Shoaib Akhtar with Harbhajan Singh, and many more, but the relations between Shahid Afridi and Gautam Gambhir seem never improving. The duo have always shared heated quarrels on the field and never have been in cherishing for each other off the field as well. Even they are engaged in banters on their social media often.

In one of the interviews, Afridi was noted discussing Gambhir’s personality. He claimed that no one from his country adores him as a character. Afridi has earlier termed Gambhir a person who has mental issues. His statements from Samaa TV are quoted as,

“It’s not like I have had a fight with any of the Indian players. Yes, sometimes there are some arguments with Gautam Gambhir on social media. And I think that Gautam is a sort of character which no one likes even in the Indian team.”

For every legit reason, the Indian cricket fans have shown support for their ex-cricketer, bashing Afridi for his remarks. However, they are more surprised to see Gambhir’s counterpart, Harbhajan Singh’s reaction to Afridi’s comments. The former spinner was a part of Aaj Tak’s panel with India’s senior journalist Vikrant Gupta, where both of them were noticed laughing at Afridi’s comments on Gautam.

The fans, obviously, disliked the Pakistani cricketer’s statements, but what they are discussing the more is Harbhajan’s reaction to that. They are defending Gautam, meanwhile asking Singh to issue an apology to the Indians for hurting their sentiments. They say the off-spinner instead should have replied back to Afridi, saving Gautam, instead of laughing at Afridi’s comments.

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