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India’s Performance in the 2022 T20

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The 2022 Twenty20 (T20) competition kicked off in Australia on October 16th – and in the tournament, we have seen some epic – and surprising – performances. 

While Australia was thought to be the favourites alongside India to win the competition, the hosts found themselves at a disadvantage when they were knocked out of the competition in the group stages. 

As India headed into the semi-finals to face England, their performance was described as electric – thanks in part to the stunning batting technique of the record-breaking Suryakumar Yadev, who has now completed more than 1000 runs in the 2022 competition, the first Indian to do so and only the second man ever. However, the performance just wasn’t enough to beat England and sadly the team were knocked out in the Semi-Finals.

We’ll take a look at the T20 in general and India’s performance in this year’s competition.

The History of the T20

The Twenty20 format of cricket was introduced by the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) in 2003 to create a shortened version of the game. While it was initially designed to be used for inter-county competition on a domestic level, the fast-paced style of play meant that it was more like other team sports in length – which made it more popular for both spectators at the ground, and those watching at home on the television. 

The International Cricket Council (ICC) soon picked up on the game, where each team plays just a single innings that is restricted to a maximum of 20 overs. The games were considerably shorter than other forms with each match lasting about two or two and a half hours, which is much more approachable for a world cup event that is going to be attended by fans and shown on TV. 

The ICC started the T20 World Cup in 2007, holding the first event in South Africa – and India was the first team to win. 

Since then, the T20 World Cup has been held once every two years, although the competition has had to be postponed when other international cricket events (or world events) have gotten in the way.

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Winners of the T20 World Cup

2007 – India

2009 – Pakistan

2010 – England

2012 – West Indies

2014 – Sri Lanka

2016 – West Indies

2021 – Australia (postponed from 2020)

2022 – England

A Brief History of Cricket in India

The game of cricket was first introduced to India by British sailors in the 18th Century, and the first official cricket club was established in India in 1792. 

The Indian cricket team were able to compete in their first international match – a Lord’s Test match against England in 1932, but they were not winners then. It took another 20 years for them to record their first Test match victory in 1952. 

From the 1970’s, more established and successful players started coming through the Indian international team, turning them into a force to be reckoned with on the international cricket stage – and they have continued their winning ways throughout different competitions around the world. 

In the ICC competitions, India has an impressive track record spanning decade, with World Cup Championships honours in 1983 and 2011, as well as lifting the Champions Trophy twice in 2002 and 2013. 

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The 2022 T20 

India has shown already that they are a force to be reckoned with the competition, with some crucial victories over other countries that might have seemed rather surprising. 

In the competition, they only chalked up one loss (to an in-form South Africa) before losing to England in the semi-finals with England.

India started the competition against Pakistan on October 23rd in Melbourne, with a comfortable performance that meant India won by four wickets. When they headed to Sydney, the Netherlands were unprepared for the Indian onslaught, and unsurprisingly the win margin was 56 runs in the end. In Perth on 30th October, it wasn’t meant to be and India just couldn’t find their stride against South Africa, losing by 5 wickets. One of the closest matches followed on the 2nd of November in Adelaide, where Bangladesh put on a good show only to lose by just five runs. 

It was the final match in the group stages that clinched the semi-final spot for India though, as thanks to numerous sixes and fifties from batters like Yadav, the 71-run margin was just too great for Zimbabwe to clamber back into contention. 

Unfortunately for India, England was just too much to take as they romped home with 170 for 0, in a performance that was nothing short of stunning. This paved the way for them to become the eventual winners of the 2022 ICC World Cup.

The Bookies Favourite

Sports betting across India and the rest of the world on the T20 has grown as the popularity of the international competition has grown, and as India headed towards their semi-final clash with England, they were the odds-on favourites to win the whole competition. 

It is no surprise that India was well-considered against England; in all T20 international matches, they have played against each other 22 times, and India has won 12 of those. It might be a slight margin, but it is a winning margin nonetheless, and England just didn’t have the depth of talent at their fingertips that the India team have managed to develop thanks to a healthy level of investment. 

India looked set to build on the success they experienced in the 2014 World Cup – while their group performance hasn’t been undefeated like it was in that year, the team were feeling positive – and this sets them up perfectly to try again in 2024.

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