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IPC ministry gives strict deadline to PCB

IPC ministry gives strict deadline to PCB

The Ministry of Inter-Provincial Coordination (IPC) has issued a deadline of July 4 to the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) to submit details of its spending, hiring, and firing over the past six months. The ministry has labeled the letter as “most urgent” due to the repeated failures of the PCB to provide the requested information.

Concerns have been raised by the IPC Ministry regarding the unnecessary spending of the PCB Management Committee (MC) and the decisions made by the temporary set-up regarding cricket developments. The primary objectives of the MC were to restore the 2014 PCB constitution, conduct elections, and facilitate the lawful transition of powers to the elected PCB.

“We have received multiple reports on various matters that require scrutiny. Without reviewing the documents, we cannot determine what has gone wrong. Despite two previous reminders, the PCB MC has failed to provide the necessary details. We have now sent a fresh letter to Salman Naseer, the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the Board, demanding the required information by July 4,” stated an official from the Ministry.

Letter by IPC Ministry to PCB

The fresh letter written by the Ministry reads as follows:

“I am directed to refer to this Ministry’s letter dated 20.04.2023 on the subject, followed by reminders dated 16’” May 2023 on 22nd June 2023 whereby It was requested to furnish information on the following points:

I. Complete criteria / Sops for selection/nomination of members from Regions and Departments for the Board of Governors.

ii. Detail of Lawsuit instituted against the election conducted by the Election Commissioner in the Regions, Districts and Cities, if any.

iii. Detail appointments made by the Management Committee during the period and nature of these employments temporary, contractual, or permanent in nature including national, and international coaches for the national team.

iv. Detail of total expenditure incurred by the Interim committee during the tenure of the Management Committee.

v. Detail of contracts awarded/signed with different entities along with ToRs, nature of contracts and period of contracts may also be furnished to this office.

vi. Detail of Initiation and closure of pending enquires against any official or coach during the tenure of MC.

  1. The said information has not yet been received. It is, therefore, directed that the same be submitted to this Ministry by 4” July 2023 positively, without any further delay.
  2. This may be treated as most urgent.”

The Ministry has emphasized the urgency of submitting the requested information and has set a deadline of July 4. This follows previous letters sent by the Ministry on April 20 and May 16, requesting details of the MC’s expenditures and reminding the PCB to provide the necessary information.

The Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of IPC has expressed serious concerns over the PCB’s lack of compliance despite the passage of considerable time. The Ministry has access to all the letters sent to the PCB MC and now to Salman Naseer, the COO of the PCB.

The tenure of the MC expired between June 19 and June 20, 2023, leading to the current letter being written to the PCB COO, Salman Naseer.

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