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IPL 2021: Where will Australian players go now?

IPL 2021: Where will Australian players go now?

IPL 2021: Where will Australian players go now?

The Indian Premier League (IPL 2021) is called off temporarily after the sudden and explosive wave of COVID-19 is destroying Indian territories. The cases in the cricket-loving nation have crossed over a million and amalgamate to make a poor health scenario.

IPL 2021 began in a full swing despite the critical health disruptions. When a few cases started being noticed, BCCI was never in the mood of giving up from the beginning.

However, Tuesday morning shocked the IPL fans and the related bodies as BCCI officially suspended the event. The board is now looking for the window of September to get it to reschedule.

Notably, as multiple Australians are part of the world’s cash-rich league, they are now stuck in India amidst the Australian government’s new policy. According to the rules, no flights are acceptable from India during the current crisis.

It also has been made clear that if anyone, let it be the players, tries to breach the protocol, they will be jailed with hefty fines to be paid. This announcement has hit the nerves of the Aussies impaled in India as they wanted their PM to arrange a charter flight for them.

Considering Aussies’ requests to get back home, the interim of Cricket Australia, Nick Hockley, is planning with the BCCI to move the cohort out of India. Reportedly, they will preferably be sent to Sri Lanka or the Maldives before getting back to their backyards, Australia.


IPL 2021: Where will Australian players go now?

“So what we’re working to do and what the BCCI is working to do, and they’ve been incredibly cooperative, is working to move the entire cohort out of India,” Nick Hockley told reporters in Sydney.

He added,

“That’s now narrowed down to the Maldives and Sri Lanka. The BCCI is working through the final details of that at the moment and we expect that movement will happen in the next two to three days.”

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