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IPL domination is dangerous, feels Adam Gilchrist

IPL domination is dangerous, feels Adam Gilchrist

There is no denying to the fact that the world’s cash-richest T20 tournament, the Indian Premier League (IPL) is overpowering international cricket. Reportedly, BCCI’s request for a separate window of two-and-a-half-month for the extravaganza in ICC Future Tour Program 2023-27 has been accepted.

Many cricket experts and cricketers have reacted adversely to this, feeling the future of modern-day cricket has no essence of traditional cricket but only franchise-based cricket. Undoubtedly, IPL is the most popular T20 league, which lasts more than any other league.

Cricketers from all across the world prefer playing IPL over their national duties, which is an alarming sign of the downfall of international cricket. Adam Gilchrist, the former Australian cricketer, feels IPL franchises increasing domination is getting dangerous with time.

His comments came after it has been learnt that Australian opener David Warner will opt for UAE’s new T20 league, having three IPL franchises making the investment in it, rather than the country’s own Big Bash League. Gilchrist feels IPL franchises are dominating the players in every possible way more than their own boards.

“They can’t force David Warner to play in BBL; I understand that, but to let him then go off – or another player, let’s not single out Warner because there will be other players on the radar – it’s all part of this global dominance that these IPL franchises are starting to create given they own a number of teams in Caribbean Premier League,”

“It’s getting a little bit dangerous the grip that it’s having to monopolize that ownership and the ownership of the players and their talents and where they can and can’t play,”

Gilchrist has called out Cricket Australia (CA) to take care of their players before they follow Warner’s footsteps in the running after IPL-owned franchises in various tournaments.

If he (Warner) rides off into the sunset and says, ‘Sorry Australian cricket, I’m going to become a gun for hire for my Indian franchise team in various tournaments, you can’t question him on that. That’s his prerogative, and he’s done everything he needs to get the profile and get that market value. It’s the new younger player coming in that starts to make those noises where it’ll be really challenging,”

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