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IPL Franchises Shake Up Cricket by Offering Full-Time Yearly Contracts to England Players

ipl franchises / This England player has opt out of IPL 2022

  • IPL franchises have reportedly offered full-time yearly contracts to at least six England cricketers, worth up to £5m ($6.9m), which would make them employees of Indian franchises.
  • The offer represents a potential shift towards a football-style model in cricket and could pose a challenge to the England Cricket Board (ECB) as players may opt to sign with franchises rather than playing for England.
  • The move could lead to greater commercial opportunities and benefits for individual players, but it remains to be seen how the ECB will respond and how this will impact the future of cricket as a global sport.

In an interesting turn of events, franchise owners in the Indian Premier League (IPL) have reportedly approached at least six England players with full-time yearly contracts. This move could potentially make the English cricketers employees of Indian franchises rather than the England Cricket Board (ECB) or English counties.

According to a report by The Times, the six cricketers include international stars who are currently playing in the ongoing 16th season of the IPL. These full-time yearly contracts, if accepted, could be worth upwards of £2 million a year, and even as high as £5 million, which is more than five times the value of the highest England central contracts.

IPL franchises have already bought stakes in several other cricket leagues around the world, and they now seem to be expanding their reach further by offering full-time contracts to England players. The move could be a significant step towards cricket following the football model, where players are contracted to clubs rather than national associations.

In addition to this, Saudi Arabia’s cricket authorities are reportedly interested in launching the world’s biggest cricket league, and they are in talks with IPL owners to set up a new competition. If successful, this could open up even more opportunities for players to earn lucrative contracts outside of their national teams.

Meanwhile, the ECB’s chief executive, Richard Gould, has hinted towards a raise in match fees of England players, alongside offering some players multi-year contracts. This move by the IPL franchises may force the ECB to take further action to retain its top players.

The IPL franchises’ move to offer full-time yearly contracts to England players is an exciting development for the world of cricket. It will be interesting to see how the ECB responds to this, and whether other cricket leagues follow suit. With the potential for higher earnings, players may soon have to choose between representing their national team or taking up offers from these global franchises.

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