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Is Chacha Cricket alive or dead?

Is Chacha Cricket alive or dead?

Pakistan’s well-known cricket fan Chacha Cricket aka Chaudhry Abdul Jalil suffered dehydration during an event in the US and was immediately taken to hospital. However, he is doing fine as the recent reports confirm revealed by his son, Khalid Jalil, on social media.

Chacha Cricket is currently in the US attending a cricket event where multiple Pakistani cricketers are participating. A source on social media revealed that Chacha suddenly revealed dehydration and was quickly recovered after being taken to the hospital on a shorter note.

The famous Pakistani cricket mascot is easily recognized in cricket matches by his white bread, green Kurta, with a white star and a crescent moon on it representing the nation. He has been applauded by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) on various occasions for his dedication to the country and the cricket team.

After he was noticed in multiple matches, the PCB permanently hired him as the sponsor symbol in the stadium. Chaudhry got a massive highlight during his tenure, however, is no longer associated with the board developing some issues later. He was seen initiating different chants on the ground, attracting the crowd.

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Posted by Dunya News on Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Earlier, Jalil used to work in the forestry department in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. He gained popularity by regularly attending cricket matches held in Sharjah and later on resigned from his job to follow Pakistan cricket matches. Chacha is now rarely seen in stadiums, but when he joins, the energy is of a different kind.

Almost a year ago, the news of his death spread like a rumour to which he responded by saying he is yet alive to show his support to Pakistan Cricket.

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