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Is Shahid Afridi to join politics soon?

Is Shahid Afridi to join politics soon?

The reliable sources suggest the former legendary cricketer, Shahid Afridi, is likely to join politics in the near future. Talking in an exclusive interview, Afridi hinted at possibilities of becoming a politician saying he cannot claim he will not be in the field in the upcoming days.

He revealed he knows the politics of services and will do the same. Afridi stated people will criticize him under the slogan of U-turn if he denies the possibilities of joining politics now, and becomes later.

Shahid Afridi to do politics of service someday

“The only politics I know is the politics of service and I will continue to do so,”

“I can’t proclaim I won’t participate in practical politics in future, and if I say I won’t and then show up, people will accuse me of making a U-turn,”

The cricketer has already bid farewell to his playing career since the Pakistan Super League (PSL 2022) was his last edition as a player for Quetta Gladiators. People bid farewell to their favourite star and childhood hero with heavy hearts. However, they can see him once again in the sport of politics.

If he plans to do so, he will not be the first cricketer-turned-politician of the region, since one of the greatest cricket captains, Imran Khan, is today’s Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Afridi further revealed that the Kashmir Premier League (KPL) will see two more franchises entering in the forthcoming season. Notably, Boom Boom is the brand ambassador of the league and also played for Rawalakot Hawks in KPL’s inaugural season.

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