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Kamran Akmal targets favoritism in Pakistan Cricket Team

Kamran Akmal targets favoritism in Pakistan Cricket Team

Pakistan’s wicketkeeping batter Kamran Akmal has emphasized the favouritism culture in Pakistan Cricket Team, saying it is not only happening on the national side but also in the country’s domestic cricket. He says such culture did not exist back in his times but will destroy Pakistan Cricket soon, becoming too prominent.

Kamran, who has not been considered in domestic cricket in recent times, and was seen dropping to the second XI, found it as a disrespect for him and other ‘senior’ cricketers. The 40-year-old, seeing a decline in his PSL performances, was also demoted to the silver category. In protest, he left the PSL 2022, saying he did not want to participate in disgrace.

Since he has been out of the teams, he has been underlining a favouritism culture in the team. However, fans have been noticing unity in the current squad, unlike past. His statements read,

“I have been talking for the last four to five years about liking and disliking the team. The same thing is happening in domestic cricket. This will damage Pakistan cricket as these things are coming out and have now become obvious.”

He advises developing a team based on merit rather than selecting friends. Akmal says he is not only targeting the skipper but the board’s management as well. Terming PCB full of attitude, he mentioned the current management would not be in charge forever.

“The concerned individuals used to form good teams. The best way is to dig out performance. We can’t say only the captain is doing it. PCB Chairman must start from High-Performance camp where best coaches are thrown out, and friends are being appointed,”

“There is no coordination in management; they are egoistic and think that they will remain in PCB for their whole life. I have seen that all the blame is associated with players, and management doesn’t take it on to them. The past three coaches also blamed players and didn’t accept that our decisions were wrong,”

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