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Kashmir Premier League or Family Premier League? Criticizes Umar Gul on favouritism

Kashmir Premier League or Family Premier League? Criticizes Umar Gul on favoritism

The second edition of the Kashmir Premier League (KPL 2) is just around the corner and the fans are excited to witness quality cricketing action happening in Pakistan after the most-loved Pakistan Super League (PSL).

With every passing day taking us one step closer to the KPL 2022, the measures to make it successful and blistering are been taken. As the player selection commences to finalize the teams’ squads, many officials have introduced new faces to their respective teams, most of which are their relatives.

Abdul Razzaq, the head coach of Mirpur Royals, has named his son Ali Razzaq to the squad. Moreover, Hanif Azad and Imran Shah, the nephews of Kotli Lions’ coach Saeed Azad, will also feature in KPL 2.

Kashmir Premier League or Family Premier League? Attacks Umar Gul on favouritism-based selection in KPL 2

Its totally fine to give chance to deserving players but making it a Family Premier league instead of Kashmir Premier league is actually interesting.

The former bowler was also seen having a chit-chat with the fans in the comment section. One of them, the CEO of Muzaffarabad Tigers, reminded that he is notable in Pakistan Cricket, to which Umar answered that he only wanna see the KPL successful.

Umar further mentioned that family-oriented players are not to be blamed but those who named them to play, doing favouritism in the league.

One of the fans complained that although he tried, but could not get any chance. Umar encouraged him to keep up the spirit and that his hard work will not be wasted.

It must be noted that KPL 2022 is scheduled to take place in Muzaffarabad from August 13th to 26th in Muzaffarabad. The first season represented six teams, and for the upcoming edition, Jammu Janbaz has been named the seventh edition to the team panel.

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