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KPL 2021 reaches terminus gracefully despite Indian threats

KPL 2021 reaches terminus gracefully despite Indian threats

KPL 2021 reaches terminus gracefully despite Indian threats

The inaugural version of the Kashmir Premier League (KPL 2021) has reached the conclusion stages going through hurdles and Indian threats as India and Pakistan are in a conflict over Kashmir since their births.

Notably, the Board of Control of Cricket in India (BCCI) and Indian cricket-related bodies warned KPL-bounded foreign players eliminating them from future cricket opportunities in India if they voyaged Pakistan.

Consequently, four English players pulled themselves out of the league whereas, the two intrepid players, Sri Lanka’s Dilshan and South Africa’s Gibbs instead preferred visiting Pakistan despite the Indian threats.

It is pertinent to mention that Indian menaces have occupied Kashmir for a long from now on. On the other hand, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has taken KPL as an initiative for Kashmir solidarity.

KPL 2021 reaches terminus gracefully despite Indian threats

The BCCI also wrote a letter to the International Cricket Council (ICC) to turn down the contest but got humiliated in return as ICC informed KPL’s sanction by the PCB. The global council declared that it has no right as India demanded to sack the league. The BCCI believes that no tournament can take place in disputed territory.

Also, it was heard that India will deny playing Pakistan in the World Cups if the KPL happens. KPL continued anyhow that is considered a slap to those threats.

The huge fan base from all across Pakistan has gathered in Muzaffarabad’s realm to witness and enjoy the cricket. Being in its first edition, KPL has been hyped and the fans sleekly cheer for their favorite teams.

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The KPL 2021 is already done with the Qualifiers as Muzaffarabad Tigers have been progressed to the final overpowering the Shahid Afridi-led Rawalakot Hawks.

The Eliminator 1 is to be rivaled between Overseas Warriors and Mirpur Royals on 15th August. The winners of the round will once again have to prove their worth to be in the finals. The Eliminator 2 and the showdown are cataloged to be contested on 16th and 17th August respectively.

Beautiful view of Muzaffarabad Stadium:

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