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List of IPL winners from 2008

List of IPL winners from 2008

List of IPL winners from 2008

The inaugural edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) was played in 2008. Since then, it has winded up thirteen editions successfully. We have seen the rise and fall of all teams with the inclusions of the new teams staying in the edition for a limited time. Along with that, we have witnessed the oldest of teams playing with their inaugural names till yet accompanying with the addition of some new franchise lately.

It has become the world’s cash-rich and most popular T20 league across the globe. A number of watchers seek to watch the IPL matches on their Televisions and numerous joins from the stadiums as well. The number of teams per season has not extended ten yet as we saw ten teams in IPL 2011, whereas nine teams were part of IPL 12, and.

Notably, the edition of the two teams by IPL 2022 is speculated and the procedure to auction them is likely to take place this May. It was expected that the two teams will be added by IPL 2021 but the existing teams denied having less time to prepare for the mega-auction.

Since 2008, everyone has seen many record-breaking matches and progress of individuals. There were nail-biting and thrilling endings of the games from each season. The engagement of the audience has always risen to a surplus extent. Also, the award system is much rich.

However, there are a few teams who are yet to win their maiden IPL title whereas, a few have clinched the trophy multiple times. Let us see the list of IPL winners from 2008 to 2020. The 2021 edition will be beginning by April 9th to choose a new winner.

List of IPL winners from 2008

IPL 2018, Rajasthan Royals:

Rajasthan Royals, IPL 2008 winners

Rajasthan Royals, IPL 2008 winners

The first edition of the Indian Premier League witnessed hundreds of players from across the Earth. The initial edition kicked off with eight teams among which Rajasthan Royals and the Chennai Super Kings reached the grand finale.

CSK gave a crucial target of 164 runs for RR to win that was successfully chased in the second inning. However, RR lost more wickets than CSK but they still possessed a triumph by 5 wickets.

Here is the video of the final:

IPL 2009, Deccan Chargers:

Deccan Chargers - the winners of IPL 2009

Deccan Chargers – the winners of IPL 2009

Deccan Chargers, a team that played no part in the later editions, faced Royal Challengers Bangalore in the final of the IPL 2009. Chargers were led by Adam Gilchrist at that time and the man brought up the maiden conquest for his team.

Deccan made 143 runs in the first innings that were absolutely not good enough or critical to the chase. The challenge-free target to reach became fearing for RCB as they fell short on wickets as well as their men.

With one wicket to spare, RCB could declare 137 runs that led Chargers to win by 6 runs. RCB are still continuing the losing streak despite reaching multiple finals.

IPL 2010, Chennai Super Kings:

IPL 2010, Chennai Super Kings won the final

IPL 2010, Chennai Super Kings won the final

IPL 2010 final was the first time when MI and CSK came face to face. It was the third edition of the Indian Premier League. CSK reached the final second time and made sure to win the contest.

MI was led by Sachin Tendulkar then. The contest was showy as Tendulkar led and Dhoni led teams were locking the horns with each other. The duo is known as the greatest of all time cricketers in the world.

On winning the toss, CSK wanted to bat first. This became the win toss win game situation. The toss team thundered 168 runs with 169 for winning for MI.

They could easily have chased but the Indians got fragile on 146 runs. Although they had one wicket left but it made no sense all 20 overs were utilized that turned out to be of no use.

The CSK bowlers dominant and played a crucial run in a 22-run victory for Dhoni and co. Since then, the Daddies Army is yet to win the final against MI as the men in blue are making the notable winning records every time they face CSK in the final.

IPL 2011, Chennai Super Kings:

IPL 2011, Chennai Super Kings won the final

IPL 2011, Chennai Super Kings won the final

2011, when Daniel Vettori led the Royal Challengers Bangalore, they could not even win the title yet. RCB is one of the teams with the highest number of ratings and supporters.

Reaching into the final second time, RCB had to face the Dhoni commanded CSK. The match happened in Chennai where CSK decided to bat first on winning the toss.

In the first inning, they rocked with the bat slamming 205 runs. It became challenging for Vettori’s team to struggle to reach the exact point. Losing the race, they became the first time runner-ups in the history of IPL.

It was a miserable defeat for them as RCB lost 8 wickets on reaching 147 runs with zero balls to commence the game. CSK sustained a victory by a wide margin as they won the second-ever final by 58 runs.

IPL 2012, Kolkata Knight Riders:

IPL 2012, Kolkata Knight Riders

IPL 2012, Kolkata Knight Riders won the final

The Kolkata Knight Riders brought up their first win as they faced CSK in IPL 2012 final. The team was led by Gautam Gambhir who commanded them till the point to yield their first champions cup in 5 years.

In the home ground of Chennai, the home team made 190 runs with a target of 191 for KKR to grasp the game. With the help of the players like Jacques Kallis and Manvinder Bisla, it did not look challenging to KKR as they wind up the game reaching 192 runs.

Along with that, the Gautam-led side spared 2 balls. They did not even lose a pile of wickets as five more men were remaining to bat. CSK’s scene was terrific wither as the Yellow army lost the three wickets but collapsed with the ball in the second inning.

IPL 2013, Mumbai Indians:

IPL 2013, Mumbai IndiansIPL 2013, Mumbai Indians

IPL 2013, Mumbai Indians won the final

Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings took on each other in the deciding-champion-round for the second time in IPL history. Nobody knew it was going to be a continuous winning-streak for new captain Rohit Sharma.

Since 2013, the marvelous skipper has won every final he reached into. In IPL 2013 final, MI elected to bat first at Kolkata. They could not sustain enough rains but saved themselves with the help of exceptional fielding and bowling line-ups.

CSK had a target of 149 runs but they collapsed with one last batsman to spare. They were left with zero balls and could reach only 125 runs.

The successful captain in the world, MS Dhoni with all ICC trophies, lost the final of the IPL 2013 against the newly elected skipper Sharma.

IPL 2014, Kolkata Knight Riders:

IPL 2014, Kolkata Knight Riders

IPL 2014, Kolkata Knight Riders won the second title

The final of the IPL 2014 was played between the Kolkata Knight Riders and the Punjab Kings (previously named Kings XI Punjab). KXIP were humiliated in run-sparing as KKR successfully completed the target.

With 200 needed on 120 balls, KKR won by 3 wickets. KXIP tried their best to target the opponent’s seven players. Although they scored 199 runs on losing only 4 wickets, it could have turned into their favor but their bowlers turned out to be the least economic.

KKR had the perfect opportunities to seek 200 runs as they smashed winning boundaries. Wriddhiman Saha’s 115 went effortless for the team. Also, Manan Vohra’s inning was appreciative to contribute selflessly to the team total.

IPL 2015, Mumbai Indians:

IPL 2015, Mumbai Indians

IPL 2015, Mumbai Indians won the final

This was not the first time MI faced CSK in their final to defeat them. Both teams have faced each other in IPL 2010, 2013, 2015, and 2019. CSK only won one out of four finals against MI as the men in blue stunned in rest of the three.

IPL 2010 was the only event when CSK thrashed Indians for the first time in the final. Later, when Rohit Sharma took over the captaincy roles in 2013, he won all the five finals he reached till 2020 out of which three came against MS Dhoni’s Super Kings.

The game although was not thrilling as it was decided in MI’s favor with CSK struggling to chase a target of 203 runs. Sharma-led men made 202 runs in the first innings that interfered with the Daddies Army causing them to fail with 41 runs.

Notably, Harbhajan, a true friend of Dhoni, represented Mumbai Indians in IPL 2015 and was auctioned by CSK in 2018.

IPL 2016, Sun Risers Hyderabad:

IPL 2016, Sun Risers Hyderabad

IPL 2016 final, Sun Risers Hyderabad became the Champions

The Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) stunned throughout the robin hood stage but as usual, the Kohli-led side collapsed in the final. The final of the IPL 2016 took place between David Warner’s Sun Risers Hyderabad and RCB.

At Chinnaswamy stadium, SRH wisely elected to bat first. They wholly utilized the batting-supportive pitch and smashed a huge target of 209 runs for RCB to chase. It was probably among one of the highest.

Both teams lost seven wickets in their respective innings. However, RCB failed to chase 209 runs and could not even make 208 to reach the super over. They directly spared 9 runs as SRH won by 8 runs.

IPL 2017, Mumbai Indians:

IPL 2017, Mumbai IndiansIPL 2017, Mumbai Indians

IPL 2017, Mumbai Indians won another title

IPL 2017 final took place between Rising Pune Supergiant and Mumbai Indians. Supergiants were part of the 2016 and 2017 editions respectively and their performances are credible enough to mark their presence in the upcoming editions of the T20 league.

MI won the toss and chose to bat first Wisley on Rajiv Gandhi’s batting-friendly and bowling supportive pitch. The decision helped them out at first to reach 129 losing eight wickets. Those 129 were super enough to challenge the opponent due to the pitch equally supportive for the bowling line-up.

As supergiants grabbed eight of MI’s men, the Rohit army could pick six men led by Steve Smith. Despite sparing 4 wickets, Steve’s men fell short of balls with one run to go. If the supergiant’s score could have been 129 in place of 128, it was probably a super-over scene to decide on that final.

IPL 2018, Chennai Super Kings:

IPL 2018, Chennai Super Kings won their third title

IPL 2018, Chennai Super Kings won their third title

CSK registered their third IPL title as they won the contest against Sun Risers Hyderabad in 2018. SRH batted first and the target was not low either. With 178 runs to chase for the daddies army, they successfully grasped over – ended on 181 as the termination was brought up by a boundary.

It was the third title for CSK under MS Dhoni and he equaled the record of Rohit Sharma of MI who already had three IPL titles. Dhoni’s biggest strengths were a few of the senior players such as Suresh Raina and Harbhajan Singh.

IPL 2019, Mumbai Indians:

IPL 2019, Mumbai Indians

IPL 2019, Mumbai Indians won their fourth title under Rohit Sharma’s captaincy

The Rohit Sharma-led side and the MS Dhoni-led side locked horns with each other in the final of the IPL 2019. Chennai Super Kings could have been a winner but a difference of only one run kept them away with the trophy.

MI gave not too good chase of 150 runs to win but Dhoni’s men fell short of balls with one run to spare. There were 148 runs on 120 balls and adding a single run anyhow could have dragged the situation to a super over.

It became the fourth title for Mumbai Indians under Rohit Sharma captaincy. Notably, if CSK could have won that time, Dhoni could have been the most successful IPL skipper as he has three IPL trophies yet – most after Rohit.

Here is the video:

IPL 2020, Mumbai Indians:

most successful IPL winner, won the final of IPL 2020 to bring up the fifth trophy

Rohit Sharma, the most successful IPL winner, won the final of IPL 2020 to bring up the fifth trophy

IPL 2020 final cannot be termed as the thrilling edition but it was a suspicious one. Delhi gave an absolute target of 158 runs to Sharma-led Mumbai Indians. Indians successfully chased the target sparing an over and two balls.

Along with that, MI lost only five wickets as Sharma, Kishan, and De Kock played their respective roles to surpass the score. Delhi Capitals were competitive with the bat but ended up losing not doing much with the bowl. Picking two more wickets might have turned the tables but the fifth title of MI was destined.

Notably, it was the fifth title for MI under Sharma’s captaincy. He already was the most successful IPL captain and adding the fifth trophy gave him more blossoms. His record can remain unbeatable for a decade as CSK is the only competitive team after MI with three titles to make in the list of IPL winners from 2008

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