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Malik, Hafeez’s national selection in doubt

Malik, Hafeez's national selection in doubt

Malik, Hafeez’s national selection in doubt

The selection of Pakistan’s veteran cricketing duo, Mohammad Hafeez and Shoaib Malik, looks in jeopardy once after Ramiz Raja will take over the chairman’s seat in the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB).

Ramiz, profoundly infatuated with the young chaps, have multiple times mocked Malik and Hafeez’s age with them being in the national squad in their late 40s.

Malik, Hafeez’s national selection in doubt

Momentarily, a hundred publishes and trolls on the internet revolve hinting at the duo’s exclusion under Ramiz’s hold while a few devotees request Ramiz to keep his personal interests aside but sweating in the best favor of Pakistan Cricket.

Notably, age is just a number for numerous cricket followers but many among them believe in youngsters potent to uphold the national duties. Ramiz is one of them usually commentating ‘he is just … years old’ whilst his commentary.

Not more than a week ago when media personnel shared the years-old video of Hafeez on their wall when he said, his 12-years old son knows more cricket than Ramiz’.

The video could not have been in Raja’s cerebrum but Pakistani media absolutely has played a profound part in reminding him of the old triggering gossips. Only time will tell if it will be revenge from the new PCB chairman or he will fulfill Pakistan Cricket’s current needs.

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