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Man from Bermuda jailed for 35 years for killing fan outside Cricket Club

Man from Bermuda jailed for 35 years for killing fan outside Cricket Club

In the recent and shocking developments of cricket, a High Court has sentenced a man from Bermuda to jail for 35 years for killing a fan outside a cricket club. The incident took place in 2018 when the late named Ronniko Burchall was shot in the head by the alleged Taj Mohammad after a Christmas party on the 25th of December.

Taaj is expected to spend his life in jail for at least 25 years before applying for parole. The convict was given a life sentence on April 22 (Friday) for what was termed as the “public execution” of Ronniko Burchall by the prosecutors.

The judge of the High Court stated that the murder has left an everlasting impact on the victim’s family. He stated the senseless killing has left the family devastated emotionally. Not only this but also there has been an increase in gun violence in society.

Justice Juan Wolffe ordered Taaj to serve a successive 10-year penalty for having possession of and using the illegal gun to commit the offence. An 11-member jury including six men and five women encountered the jailbird guilty by a unanimous ruling.

In earlier hearings, it has been found the 30-year old victim left the local Cricket Club in the area after enjoying the Christmas Party in 2018. He was shot in the head at a very close range and was immediately taken to hospital. However, he left the world the very next day.

The family was also present during the hearing and stated they still are saddened by the loss of him, who is the father of two. Justice Wolffe said during the hearing as quoted by that,

“There is no way to overstate that this was a heinous crime committed at point-blank range. Equally disturbing is not only the effect the act has had on the deceased, but on the family members,”

One of his friends himself confessed in court that Taj has been carrying out violent activities, and killing Ronniko has not been his first offence. However, an appeal against the decision has already been launched.

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