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Megan Schutt terms cricket ‘a stupid game’

Megan Schutt terms cricket 'a stupid game'

Australian fast bowler Megan Schutt is on the brink of making history as she prepares to play her 200th international game for the national team, a milestone she never anticipated when she first stepped onto the international cricket scene.

The 31-year-old, known for her exceptional skills with the ball, expressed her delight at achieving this significant feat, and what makes it even more special for her is achieving this milestone at her beloved home ground, the Adelaide Oval.

Schutt becomes only the sixth Australian woman to reach the impressive mark of 200 international appearances across various formats, a testament to her enduring commitment and contribution to the national team. Reflecting on her cricket journey, Schutt admitted to feeling a bit old but emphasized the special and cool aspect of achieving 200 games, a rare accomplishment in the world of women’s cricket.

“It makes you feel a bit old, to be honest. Game one, I didn’t even expect to play that in my lifetime. So to get to 200 is pretty darn cool and having it at Adelaide Oval is fate in itself and extremely special.”

“I love the game,” she said. “It’s a stupid game and there’s so much more failure than success but I just love it. I love the people that are involved in it, and it’s a game that keeps evolving as well. I keep striving to be better. Being a fast bowler in a batter’s game is quite tough but I kind of like the challenge.

Making her international debut in December 2012, Schutt has evolved into a key figure in the Australian women’s cricket team. Despite the challenges of being a fast bowler in a game dominated by batters, Schutt loves the dynamic nature of cricket and remains dedicated to constant improvement. She acknowledges the inherent nature of cricket, where failures are prevalent, but her enduring love for the sport keeps her motivated.

“The most rewarding part is being a bowler and having played that much cricket, there’s not many players around that have played as much cricket as I have. I guess not being an express pace bowler helps me, but [reaching 200 games] as a bowler is probably a special achievement.”

With an impressive record of 260 wickets in 87 ODIs, 108 T20Is, and four Test matches, Schutt has been a crucial force behind Australia’s success on the international stage. Her most cherished moment in her career came in 2020 when Australia won the T20 World Cup at the Melbourne Cricket Ground in front of 86,000 spectators, an experience she described as life-changing.

As Schutt reaches this remarkable milestone, she sees it not only as a personal achievement but also as a testament to her perseverance, skill, and enduring passion for the game. Despite the challenges of longevity in professional sports, she remains determined to continue playing as long as her body allows and as long as Cricket Australia extends her contract, showcasing her unwavering commitment to the sport she loves.

“I mean, 86,000 people at the MCG; I was super-sceptical that we were going to get 20,000,” she said. “That was a real life-changing moment for me and something I’ll always remember. If I had to bank one moment in my life, it’s probably that.”

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